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Kuddus Solicitors Info

Kuddus Solicitors and Notary Public - London

Kuddus Solicitors provide high quality advice to both businesses and individuals across a wide range of legal issues. They pay great attention to match each client's requirements with the right skills to deliver a cost- effective solution. They aim to solve problems pragmatically and promptly. Available outside of business hours and at weekends if required.

Office Address: 94 Whitechapel Road, London, Greater London, E1 1JQ
Web Address: http://www.kuddussolicitors.co.uk
Email Address: wk@kuddussolicitors.com
Phone Number: 07935 672 576

Kuddus Solicitors London Ltd on YouTube

Kuddus Solicitors & Notary Public in London: Review

Obviously if we've added Kuddus Solicitors to our network and are recommending them to people - we're going to have more 'pro' things to say about them than 'con'. If you've already read through a few of our other reviews, you'll know not every firm we write about is one we end up recommending. There are plenty of public review forums though with people shouting derogatory things with their CAPSLOCK permanently glued down. The intention with our articles is to share some things we may have noticed that regular consumers might not.

This is not because we're any smarter than the next person. It's just that we've been working with law firms for over 20 years including their marketing, web design, news articles, case management, client care, etc. Plus our own staff have related backgrounds such as retired barrister, immigration, court reporter, ex-police, and so on. But often some stuff in plain sight might not be as noticeable as you think. That's why they call it 'clever wording'.

"You receive 100% of the compensation awarded; Your compensation claim will be pursued at 'No Cost to You';"

Kuddus Solicitors

If you've already visiting the Kuddus website, you may have skimmed over these two statements as they look a lot like statements made on every other personal injury law firm's site. Certainly it's true that 99.9999% of them will state something like 'no cost to you' (usually phrased as 'no win, no fee') but we don't think even half of them state that you'll receive 100% of your compensation.

'No win, no fee' and '100% compensation' are not the same concept just worded differently. No win, no fee just means if you lose there's nothing to pay. But if you win, you may end up giving as much as 25% of your compensation to your solicitor. In all honesty, the days of firms trying to hide or gloss over this are well and truly behind us. However, many may try to convince you it's very common for firms to charge 25% of your compensation. Whilst this is true, it's also true there are thousands of firms willing to offer you both options. So when Kuddus Solicitors make these two statements, you shouldn't take them lightly.

"Established in 2002, we provide legal services to corporate and individual clients."

Saying they are established in 2002 may sound ridiculously young for a law firm. We've all seen the tenuous claims of some firms stating they were established in 1880 or older. Mostly this is done for purely marketing reasons and has very little to do with the quality of service you'll receive. For example, a 1-year old firm could have a 20-year experienced criminal solicitor on board. Whilst a 200-year old firm might stick you with a 1-year qualified solicitor to defend you in court. Which would you rather have?

We always recommend taking a quick glance at The Law Society entry for any firm you are interested in. Here you can see the qualification dates and specialities of any registered solicitor within the firm. For Kuddus' entry you can see there is definitely a serving solicitor with as much experience as the age of the firm. So their claim to being established in 2002 is genuine and reflects the actual experience available unlike some other firms.

"Our main areas of practice are Notary Public, Civil Litigation, Business, Property, Housing, Immigration, Employment and Family Law."

One question we get asked a lot is whether engaging a specialist firm is better than one in general practice. It probably sounds like a no-brainer that if you've got an Employment Dispute you will have a much better chance of success with someone specialising in Employment Law over someone trying to cover a much wider range of case types. We totally agree. However, what a firm states it covers on their website is not what every solicitor within the firm will handle.

Again this is where The Law Society website can come in handy. If you've tried some specialist firms and they are either very busy or very expensive - you can search for specialists within general practice firms with a wider range. If you click the 'Areas of Practice' for any solicitor within a firm you can see what they cover. For the solicitors at Kuddus, each solicitor is handling maybe 2-3 different genres of law. Not everything at once. So yes, we absolutely agree that using a solicitor with focus in a certain area is best. But that doesn't mean firms that state an overall wider range are diluting their experience.

Kuddus provide a good example of this in their creation of a separate conveyancing site at www.kuddusconveyancing.com - showing they have a special interest in such work. (Note www.kuddusconveyancing.co.uk doesn't exist.) Creating more than one site for this reason is more common than you might think as many firms choose to create different branding when they do this. This also helps to explain the huge disparity in reviews we read for the firm. First some snippets from comments they've posted on their own site:

"Kuddus Solicitors was good in dealing with my claim and finalised it in two months."
"Extremely professional and helpful. Kept fully informed throughout my personal injury claim."
"Kuddus is a very professional organisation."

As usual, the testimonials on the firm's website are glowing - just not the most insight-giving. But this is a criticism we hear regarding most companies in general across the whole web. It's not confined to the legal industry. Unfortunately, unlike other consumer products/services, people tend not to leave reviews on their solicitor in the public forums. There are a wide range of reasons for this. So many, that when we tried to run a poll more than 90% of people selected 'Other' as the reason. This was out of a list of 10 common reasons such as 'It was a private matter I didn't feel like sharing' which took a third of the remaining vote.

This means you usually have to do some real digging if you want to find independent consumer reviews on any legal practice. The exception to this rule is firms that handle a lot of conveyancing. To date, we haven't seen a single conveyancing firm with a majority of good reviews. One of the largest in the country, Countrywide Conveyancing, currently shows a 2.1 star rating out of 5 on Google with a few hundred reviews. This is because delays, errors, costs, mixups, and even complete changes-of-mind occur frequently in house buying/selling. Much of it the fault of the other party, their solicitor, or the agency providing the underlying required information. But despite much of it not being the fault of your own solicitor - they are the ones that get the blame.

Why is that important? Because flicking through the star ratings alone could look as though Kuddus Solicitors have as many bad reviews as good. However, if you actually read them it becomes clear nearly all the bad reviews relate to a property sale/purchase that did not go well. One of the biggest complaints is cost. But I can't disagree with this, as 6-years-on from my last property sale I'm still get furious thinking of the thousands of pounds I had to pay my solicitor. Adverts for online property sale sites play heavily on this very problem. So in short, you'll see the same negative reviews about most conveyancer's.

"we have been serving our clients very diligently for well over a decade"

This stood out to us as the firm has been going for nearly two decades at this point. We also spotted that the news section hadn't had a new post since 2016. In fairness, most law firms start off with great intentions to write news articles and blog about the industry on their site. It doesn't take long to realise that no-one wants to read them. We know this from experience. The general consumer doesn't care about the legal industry and will only read a news piece if it's about a celebrity that's been arrested for drunk driving in a maternity ward. However in a site that is generally quite professional, clear, functional and lacking huge reams of sales-pitches - the fact it seemed to have not been tended to in a while caught our eye.

"We pay great attention to matching our clients' requirements with the right skills, delivered cost effectively and within appropriate timescales."

Regarding general navigation though, we've already pointed out the separate conveyancing site. But they also have www.notarypubliclondon.org and www.notarypublicservices.london as standalone sites for that service as well. The main site we link to above is www.kuddussolicitors.co.uk with www.kuddussolicitors.com redirecting to it. As we're dealing with property matters, we very much recommend bookmarking the site to return to later. There have been reports of scammers pretending to be the client's solicitor trying to get them to deposit money into the wrong bank accounts.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Kuddus Solicitors it's best to visit the website (www.kuddussolicitors.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Kuddus Solicitors London Ltd

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