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Ian Yonge Employment Solicitor

With over 30 years experience, Ian Yonge can advise on a wide range of legal solutions whether contentious or not. He understands the commercial realities of business life and aims for fixed fees where possible. Weekend and out of hours work where necessary. First email or telephone advice free.  
Address Pilgrims, Marley Lane, Haslemere, GU27 3RF
Web http://www.ryongeemploymentsolicitor.co.uk
Email iyonge@Legalisp.net
Phone 01428 644219
ScalesThey handle: Unfair/Constructive Dismissal, Employment Dispute, Discrimination and Harassment, Disciplinary Defence, Defending Claims, Business/Commercial Law, Business Dispute Resolution. More Solicitors and law firms in Haslemere »
Ian Yonge Employment Solicitor

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Barristers and Kaplan Legislation Faculty workers focus on profession decisions and tips on how to pursue a authorized career as a non-law pupil. This is a sort of listening to at court docket which takes place before the ultimate trial of a declare.

First of all, the Council (by a qualified majority vote of taking part Member States, ie without the UK's vote), on a proposal from the Fee, decides that the revised legislation can be 'inoperable' for different Member States or the UK, if the UK doesn't participate.

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