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Leech & Co Solicitors - Manchester

As specialist personal injury solicitors, Leech & Co have already recovered millions of pounds in compensation over the past 25 years for clients nationwide. They use the latest technology to ensure efficient and swift claims progression, and promise direct contact with your lawyer at all times. Call 0161 749 9000 or 07483 156 860 for free initial advice.

Office Address: PO Box 256, Manchester, England, M41 4DF
Web Address: https://leech.co.uk
Email Address: leech@leech.co.uk
Phone Number: 0161 749 9000

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Leech & Co Personal Injury Claim Solicitors in Manchester: Review

If you've flicked through a few other sites when researching Leech & Co Solicitors Ltd, you may have seen a company start date quoted as 2010. That's just when they became a limited company. The firm's website states:

"We have been working for Claimants for over 25 years and we have recovered millions of pounds of compensation for our clients."

I'm sure you've seen many law firms quoting a heritage harking back to Victorian times. Therefore a legal practice with a mere 25+ years behind it might sound in its infancy. It would be a shame if public perception still sways that way because there is no real benefit in choosing a 100-year-old firm versus a 10-year-old firm simply based on the date they say they were founded.

Leech & Co

In our opinion, it's just another marketing ploy. If you check the 'About Us' sections of such firms, you'll often see a very tenuous link citing someone's uncle who bought the firm from their ex-wife's cousin and even changed the name a few times.

Why am I making such a big deal out of this? Because it brings me to an excellent tip about establishing just how experienced a firm or solicitor really is.

If you go to the Law Society website and look up a firm you're considering, it will tell you not only who is working at that firm but how long they have been a qualified solicitor. In this instance, you'll see Leech & Co's primary solicitor (Matthew Connery) has been practising law since 1999 whilst another solicitor at the firm (Rebecca Schofield) qualified in 1998. I'm positive that if you check up on some firms boasting decades of history, you'll find the solicitors currently employed there have far less experience than that. You could get a 1-year experienced solicitor from a 30-year-old firm and a 30-year experience solicitor from a 1-year-old firm.

"Leech & Co are small firm of specialist personal injury lawyers. We have been working for Claimants for over 25 years and we have recovered millions of pounds of compensation for our clients. We offer a free assessment of your case at the beginning."

Most firms have statements like these on their site, especially in personal injury where every firm we know offers free initial consultations. You'll also see a lot of 'traditional yet modern', 'professional yet friendly', and 'swift yet not rushed' type slogans on dozens of company sites. So how can you tell them apart? Often it's the little sentences you might have skipped over:

"We are not a claims management company."

I can't stress enough how important this actually is. If you scroll down the to bottom of some personal injury claims websites, you'll see wording along the lines of 'Regulated for Claims Management'. This means the firm could either be a go-between for you and a solicitor they work with, or that they don't handle cases at all and will simply sell your details to a solicitor once you've called them. Leech & Co are therefore an actual law firm with genuine experienced legal professionals you can talk to and who will be running your case directly.

"You can contact us at any time to discuss your case and any concerns you may have. You can contact us by e-mail, telephone, SKYPE or Facetime and we can offer a home appointment if required."

This facility certainly separates old-school thinking solicitors from the more modern, client-focused firms. For some legal professionals, the idea of consulting via Skype would be practically taboo. Some refuse to even have a website. I genuinely spoke to a solicitor a few years back who called the internet a 'fad' which probably wouldn't last much longer. He therefore turned down our offer to list him on our site and preferred to stick to advertising in his local newspaper. Hard to believe such people still exist. So when Leech & Co are writing blog articles entitled "Can the insurance company check my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts?" - they clearly understand and are attempting to work with modern day clients and how they most feel comfortable communicating. Even if you don't want to Skype them, the fact they have obviously put thought and action into how they communicate with their clients is still a big plus in their favour.

Leech and Co's Blog is actually more information-oriented than we typically see from law firms. In fact for most industries whether financial or farming, the 'News' or 'Blog' section of a company's website is typically just some thinly disguised stack of extra sales-pitches with maybe two sentences of useful information stuffed in the middle of each.

• "I would say the services I received from Matthew Connery is a good balance of low fees, low stress and fast and comprehensive resolutions."

• "kept us in the picture throughout, and handled the claim well, and we ended up with a good result."

• "I had absolute confidence that Leech & Co were always acting in my best interest"

Those are a few snippets from the public reviews we checked out. We also checked for SRA judgements, Legal Ombudsman complaints, and even recurring negative themes in the reviews. There were a few one star reviews on Google, but the reviewers didn't leave any comments about why - which is no help at all. For all we know they were reviewing the wrong firm or had a ridiculous reason for leaving such a poor rating. There is a review for the criminal law firm The Johnson Partnership where the reviewer is furious about them refusing to take on his divorce case. Some people are idiots, which is why we always recommend ignoring general ratings unless there are accompanied by words for proper context.

Finally a quick note on navigation as unfortunately Google does not seem to distinguish between spellings such as 'Leech', 'Leitch' and 'Leach'. So when you search for something like 'Leech Solicitors' you'll get a list of results including firms and solicitors with a wide range of variants in the name. If you're the impatient kind or simply very tired - you might end up in the wrong place. We therefore suggest bookmarking the correct site when you are on it.

We link to the official site above which uses the secure https setup. If you type in the normal www.leech.co.uk into your browser you'll be redirected to the secure site no problem, but please note that www.leech.com redirects to a totally different company and right now neither www.leach.co.uk, www.leitch.co.uk, or other variants such as www.leechsolicitors.co.uk will get you to the correct place. As you can't have a web address with an ampersand "&" in it, many "& Co" firms simply use the expanded version - e.g. www.leechandco.co.uk which is also not owned by anyone right now either. Why is all that relevant? To make the point that even with a firm's name that is quite unique there are often dozens of variants and dot-endings possible. That makes it even more important to bookmark the correct site because scammers will often purchase domains similar to the firm they pretend to be from. Google's lazy approach to spelling is also a problem because it could hinder you finding reviews online about the correct firm. Just a couple of things to remember which you may not already have been aware of.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Leech & Co it's best to visit the website (www.leech.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Leech and Co Solicitors

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