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"What Exactly Do I Get?"

Find a Lawyer Welcome to the 1to1Legal Solicitor Referral Network which we've been continually developing since 1999. Back then, like most referral services, we were charging £300-£1500 per referral to a restricted panel of firms. In 2007, we switched to the more ethical, low fixed-fee structure and started expanding the panel to allow potential clients more local legal help across a wider case range. We also increased the scope of promotional services to provide extra benefits for our network firms. We now offer:

@ Fresh, Self-motivated, Client Referrals
@ Social Network Promotion
@ Links from our Website(s)
@ SEO Benefits
@ Video Creation/Promotion
@ Brand Protection/Awareness
@ A Categorised Law Directory
@ Press Release/News Feature Circulation

First and foremost, we guarantee to refer people to you month after month. These are people who are seeking help and have come to us to find a law firm. No cold-calling. No 'cashback' promises. No old re-cycled leads. You select the case types you want to receive (divorce, personal injury, wills, conveyancing, etc.) and we send people your way. Our sites have a solicitor search function which allows visitors to enter their case type and postcode to see a list of law firms that deal with their case type, in order of distance from them. They can then phone, email or visit the solicitor's website direct. We don't handle or "manage" any client details.  

You can select as many case types as you wish. If there is a particular case type you would like referred that is not currently listed in the search function, get in touch. The following case types are available for referral right now:

Please note: there are no payment buttons on this site. You can not join the panel without checking with the management team. Use the 'Check Availability' form below. Be aware, we perform checks such as reviewing the Legal Ombudsman's complaints database when considering a new firm to send potential clients to.

Referral Package

30-50 people referred
per month
(depending on location and case types accepted)

Unlimited Case Types
(choose to receive as many different case types as you wish)

Map Search Inclusion
(our "find a solicitor" function)

Linked to from our local search directory
(on topic pages with over 150,000 backlinks of authority)

£199 +vat per year
Check Availability
Referral Package+

30-100 people referred
per month
(depending on location and case types accepted)

Unlimited Case Types
(choose to receive as many different case types as you wish)

Map Search Inclusion
(our "find a solicitor" function)

Linked to from our local search + case categorised directories
(on topic pages with over 150,000 backlinks of authority)

Social Promotion
(your firm/website posted regularly to our Facebook 2400+ fans, Twitter 3000+ followers, LinkedIn 2500+ connections and more)

Featured Exposure
(extra promotion of your firm across our site such as the "New Firms" section on our front page)

Dedicated Info Page
(contact information, videos, unique article, branding and more)

Video Promo
(creation of a video clip about your firm to promote your services and brand across our network)

PR Booster
(tell us about your press releases or news stories throughout the year and we'll promote them)

£299 +vat per year
Check Availability
Referrals +SEO

Includes everything from our Referral Package+, plus:

300-500 backlinks built to your website every month
(random number of backlinks built sporadically throughout the month from third party websites, article sites, directories, blogs, social networks, wikis, forums, and more)

(we will build extra links pointing to the 300-500 backlinks we have created to increase their authority and topic "juice")

On-page SEO advice
(monthly reviews of your site's content/layout/URl structure/internal links/etc. with recommended changes)

Brand Protection
(if you know what this is - we do it. if you don't know what this is - we're not explaining it on here in a handful of words)

Keyword Research
(if you don't know which keyphrases you want to target, we can research potential phrases for you)

"Secret Sauce"
(many people believe that search engines love links from .gov/.edu/etc. sites, but there is another type of link less commonly known which we will build that impresses them ... alot!)

£99 +vat p/m
or £999 +vat p/a

Check Availability
All Spaces Taken.

There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel any package at any time. Our refund policy is available here. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section here.
Solicitor Social Marketing
[Get Tweeted, Liked & Shared!]
If you decide to take us up on our Referral+ package, on top of the monthly referrals you will also receive regular promotion via our social platforms such as Facebook (2200+ fans), Twitter (1600+ followers), LinkedIn (1100+ connections) and so on. We will share your company name, services and/or website address with our networks for them to Retweet, Like and Share. We will also create entries and link to you from the categorised directory of services on our website. That means links to your website from pages on our site relating to your chosen case types and local area. Our website has over 150,000 backlinks of it's own, so we understand the benefits of being linked to from the right spots on the right sites.
LinkedIn Law Firm Marketing
[Circulate your News Features]
Last but not least, you'll also have opportunities to post your press releases and promote your news features across our social network and in our LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

All the above is true for EACH office that you sign up. So if you sign up 4x offices you will get 4x the people referred, 4x the social promotion, 4x the links, etc.
Your website address:
Your email address:
"Why do I need to check availability? Why can't I just sign up?" - We are a referral network, not a directory. That means panel spaces are limited. If we already have enough firms to cover York, or Cardiff, or Aberdeen then we won't take on any more firms in those cities. The general rule is 1 firm per 100,000 population. That gives each firm a theoretical 1million search radius. (Obviously, that is less in the more rural areas.)

That's it. There is no small print. We have terms and conditions of course, but they don't undermine anything written here.
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What are People Saying?

"I'm willing to give it a go." - P.
*random snippets from comments made by third parties during discussions about our services on twitter, facebook, linkedin, email, etc.
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