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Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors Info

Taylor Rose Solicitors - London

Taylor Rose are a multi-disciplined law firm offering expertise on a variety of legal issues, for both business and private clients. Distinguished by an attention to detail and client dedication, they aim to provide outstanding client experiences that are price competitive whilst not compromising on either quality or results. 'City standards at regional fees'. They also have staff with a wide range of language skills including French, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Kutchi and Gujarati.  

Office Address: 13 Moorgate, London, Greater London, EC2R 6AD
Web Address: http://www.taylor-rose.co.uk
Email Address: 1to1legal@taylor-rose.co.uk
Phone Number: 020 3384 1980

Taylor Rose Solicitors - Peterbrough

Taylor Rose Solicitors Limited are a multi-disciplined firm offering expertise in a variety of legal areas, for both commercial and individual clients. Distinguished by their attention to detail and dedication to client care, they aim to provide an outstanding client experience that is price competitive without compromising on quality or results: city standards at regional fees. Their staff members are also fluent in a wide range of languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Polish, Kutchi and Gujarati.  

Office Address: Northminster House, Northminster, Peterbrough, England, PE1 1YN
Web Address: http://www.taylor-rose.co.uk
Email Address: 1to1legal@taylor-rose.co.uk
Phone Number: 01733 865 613

Taylor Rose Solicitors Limited TTKW on YouTube

Taylor Rose TTKW Ltd. Solicitors in Peterbrough and London

Taylor Rose were the defence team on a very interesting case similar to one we experienced first hand here at 1to1Legal. Back in 2014, a Merseyside law firm tried to ... well, unfortunately the word 'swindle' is really the only appropriate one to use in this instance. So, they tried to 'swindle' £16,000 in legal costs over a £15 dispute. Yes, right now you don't know whether to be more disappointed over the fact that they tried to do it - or more that you are absolutely not surprised to hear that they did.

In the original car crash relating to this case, the defence were ordered to pay £1,541 in damages - but someone at the firm made a mistake and sent over a cheque for only £1,526. But rather than simply phone or email them to say, "excuse me but you've made a small error" - the claimant's team deliberately waited until the time for full payment expired, then started a brand new case suing them for not providing payment. The claimant's solicitors somehow managed to rack up a £16,000 legal bill to pursue the missing £15, arriving at court with a 157 page document about the missing money. Luckily, the judge was not an idiot, and whilst awarding the client his missing money - he ordered that the ridiculous legal bill not be paid by the defendant.

What the claimant's solicitors did is sadly common. We know this, because we've worked with solicitors for 17+ years now and have not only been provided examples by law firms on the receiving end - but heard the braggings of lawyers that have attempted such ploys. Especially in personal injury claims where merely threatening to drag out a case in order to pressure a defendant into paying more compensation - most of us here have witnessed.

Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors

Of course, Taylor Rose have their origins based in legal costs. Starting in 2004 specialising in that field under the name McCullagh & Co, a name that held a national reputation in costs litigation. It wasn't until 2009 that the Peterborough based firm move forward and started practising in all the legal case types they currently advertise.

Three partners made the initial jump to the new Taylor Rose brand. Of which, it seems only David Cooper remains at the firm. David is knowledgeable on a diverse range of legal topics, and often shares his 33 years' experience at seminars and conferences. As a Chartered legal Executive he is also a Costs Lawyer specialising in commercial litigation and very complex civil litigation cases. His experience and reputation has allowed him to work on cases involving other jurisdictions such as Jersey, France, USA, The Bahamas and Hong Kong.

Since then Taylor Rose Solicitors took over Wilkinson & Co in 2012, a recognised name in property and commercial law. They took over Andrew Stanton & Ringrose (ASR) in the same year, a well-established firm with a partner that wanted to retire - so they approached Taylor Rose Solicitors Limited. They have partnered with KJ Commons in Workington to create an office and presence there. And more recently in 2015, they merged with Tucker Turner Kingsley Wood LLP which is where the TTKW in 'Taylor Rose TTKW Limited' comes from.

They have an online legal document service at www.taylor-rose.net, when you can create legal docs such as wills for a fixed price without having to visit the firm. They've even created some individual online legal document creation sites such as www.trl-online-wills.co.uk just for wills. There are also individual area sites such as www.taylor-rose-cumbria.co.uk for Taylor Rose's Cumbrian operations. Obviously with all the hyphens and varying tlds, it is probably best to bookmark the site you want once you know you are definitely on the right one. There are so many variants you could accidentally type in - you don't want to end up in the wrong place.

We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. If you do want to build a career with Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors, then it is best to visit their site and try to find the correct phone/email contact details set aside for such if they exist. Due to the complexities of case funding and the constant government cuts, it is always best to ask about things such as Legal Aid up front. Lastly, each law firm should state a registration number with their respective Law Society and/or their SRA number. It's usually at the bottom of every page. - www.taylor-rose.co.uk

Taylor Rose Solicitors Limited TTKW

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