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Atkinson Rose Solicitors LLP Info

Atkinson Rose LLP - Wembley

The principal solicitor of Atkinson Rose, Amit Patel, has a broad academic background with degrees in Biomedical Science, Law and various other postgraduate diplomas including Employment Law. He specialises solely in employment tribunal disputes, helping a wide range of people.  

Office Address: 4 Court Parade, East Lane, Wembley, Greater London, HA0 3HY
Web Address: http://www.atkinson-rose.co.uk
Email Address: info@atkinson-rose.co.uk
Phone Number: 0203 053 8688

Atkinson Rose (Amit Patel) Employment Solicitors on YouTube

Atkinson Rose Employment Law Solicitors based in Wembley, Middlesex

Amit Patel is the principal solicitor of Atkinson Rose and he has a broad academic background with degrees in Biomedical Science and Law. He also has postgraduate diplomas, including one for Employment Law in which he specialises. He is very experienced and work solely on employment tribunal disputes.

Amit does a lot of work on behalf of other law firms, who instruct him to help on their own client's cases. On the Atkinson Rose website, several testimonials from such other legal professionals have been listed. For example, this one by a barrister:

"Amit has instructed me in over 50 employment cases over the years. He always works incredibly hard for his clients, is both thorough and innovative in presenting their cases and is an exceptional negotiator."

Atkinson Rose Solicitors LLP

Amit does not work alone. The other staff at Atkinson Rose have their own histories and experience in employment law having worked in various corporate and international law firms in the UK.

The firm state great pride in the fact that a lot of their clients are referrals from previous clients who were satisfied with the representation they received. Certainly, with so many employment matters these days having laws to discourage them (e.g. race discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and so on) many people will have a friend or relative that has at least considered taking legal action against an employer. Doing a good job in this industry, then, will reap the benefits.

In some cases, they are able to represent people on a no win no fee basis. As many employment cases fall under the same sort of premise as injury compensation claims - you will be able to find quite a few solicitors offering such terms. However, be sure to ask for definitive figures on exactly what you'll be charged when it comes to winning. Remember, "no win no fee" does not mean "free representation". It just means that you won't be charged a penny should your case fail. What you'll be charged if the case wins, varies from solicitor to solicitor. So if you are going to compare AtkinsonRose to other firms, check the numbers too.

We checked through a few alternatives in the web address, and sure enough the non-hyphenated version www.atkinsonrose.co.uk currently has no website on it. The two .coms have no site either. We would therefore suggest bookmarking the correct website once you are on it just in case you have a bit of a finger or memory slip when you come to type it in later.

We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. If you do want to build a career with Atkinson Rose Solicitors LLP, then it is best to contact them using the phone, email, or website details given above. Due to the complexities of case funding, it is always best to ask about things such as Legal Aid in conversation too. Each firm should state a registration number with their respective Law Society, as well as their SRA number where applicable. Ideally, you should visit the website and look for any specific phone number or email address to contact the right department. - www.atkinson-rose.co.uk

Atkinson Rose (Amit Patel) Employment Solicitors

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