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Linkilaw - London

Linkilaw describe themselves as a "Legal Platform for Startups". If you're looking for a lawyer to help you, they will help compare the options available from amongst their panel. They believe in promoting the most forward-thinking lawyers that the UK has to offer, and hope to revolutionise the legal system - making it accessible, trustworthy, transparent, and trouble-free.

Office Address: 105-111 Euston St, Kings Cross, London, Greater London, NW1 2EW
Web Address: https://linkilaw.com
Email Address: info@linkilaw.com
Phone Number: 020 3151 0011

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Linkilaw Ltd Business Legal Advice Services in London: Review

If you've read some of our other review articles, you may have seen us say to avoid comparison sites when looking for legal services. We stand by this recommendation. Over the past several months we've seen nothing but complaints from people who pick the lowest priced law firm only to get slammed with extra costs later on or simply get awful service. Or both. This does not apply to sites such as Linkilaw.

Linkilaw have staff on hand (covered later) but if they can't help you with your query, they will try to match you with a legal professional that can. They'll take a case description and then come back with quotes. If you dread the idea of ringing around several firms re-telling your story each time and trying to pin each lawyer down to a price over the phone - then Linkilaw is a god-send.

"Linkilaw promotes excellent firms and excellent lawyers only. We assess our lawyers through our internal Linkirate system, and we recommend those who maintain the highest of standards."

Linkilaw Ltd

We always applaud firms with good staff information pages listing qualifications, work history, specialities and preferably with a photo to help people 'get a feel' for the person they might want to hire. Linkilaw have three out of four - missing only the photos. Thankfully they've avoided telling us everyone's favourite colours and hobbies. (No really! You'd be horrified how many solicitors talk about their pets and zumba lessons as if that's going to help make your mind up.) Linkilaw say their lawyers are:

"Committed to giving their clients the right advice. They do not waste their clientís time with what they donít need, they know the law and can explain it clearly to their clients."

They're not lacking in experience either with some stating 20 years' experience, a few with 18 years, a couple of 16s, a few 10s, and so on. As we've always said, years of experience always outway years of establishment. In other words: you can get a 20-year experienced lawyer from a 1-year established firm, and you can get a 1-year experienced lawyer from a 20-year established firm. Someone stating 'Established 1880' means nothing really.

What do they cover? Whilst Business Law probably sounds like a very focused case title, once the honeymoon period of "I'm going to start up a business!" wears off - you'll suddenly realise why people get so angry about government regulation. The number of things even a sole proprietor making little keychains out of bottlecaps at home has to do, is simply ridiculous.

Linkilaw displays quite a huge list of things they can help with such as Company Formations, writing Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Terms of Business, GDPR Compliance, Trademarks, Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Contracts, Lease Agreements, etc. etc. etc. right down to Staff Handbooks. But even that could be considered a short-list.

They have a genuine blog section (i.e. it's not just another area filled with promotional material about how great the firm is). Titles such as "When Is The Right Time To Grow Your Business?", "Are Patents The Best Option For Startups?" and "What Venture Capitalists Will Ask Before They Invest". That's not to say they don't have plenty of promotional stuff as well. There's a full page of Success Stories and Testimonials dotted around. Of course, most people don't trust website Testimonials as much any more:

• "Linkilaw is a fantastic platform for startups looking for legal advice"
• "Quite simply Linkilaw are trailblazers and setting the standard for the way Law will be done in future"
• "... lowest cost on the market due to their innovative online set up"

Often the testimonials firms use on their website are over-the-top and sound nothing like a regular member of the general public. But in this case, many of the snippets Linkilaw display on their own site are copy/pasted directly from third party review sites such as TrustPilot, Google, Facebook, etc. Remember though, that Linkilaw's clients will be mostly business people. So maybe when asked to write something, they default into sales-speak? I've done it myself. Certainly, many of the reviews seem to speak in the third person (e.g. "they really care about people" rather than "I felt really cared for").

Are there any 'normal' sounding reviews? Well, it seems that many of the people leaving a review have left it on more than one platform. So digging out alternative descriptions took a little longer than usual:

• "friendly and professional. Special thanks to Gillian for all her help and hard work!"
• "I have used them for GDPR and i cannot fault them."
• "The service was excellent and I was connected to a great lawyer."
• "Great, friendly, efficient, affordable legal services. Enjoyed working with them!"

But whilst some of the reviews might sound a little odd, we don't think any are fake. Typically fake reviews are easy to spot because they are done on a whim or in desperation by the business owner. There will be a dozen or so 5 star reviews all placed on the same day 6 months ago by users that have only ever left one review on any firm. Often they'll be placed to try and push down all the negative reviews.

There were negative reviews about this firm as well, but hardly any and most didn't explain the issue they had. It seems angry people don't realise screaming 'avoid' in capitals with twenty exclamation marks is simply unhelpful. For all we know, they're unhappy because they were given regular coffee when they asked for decaf. We've seen negative reviews where the client gave 1 star because the criminal law firm he contacted refused to take on his divorce case. Most of the negative reviews in this instance were about working at the firm anyway. Not from the perspective of being a client. It seems that the majority of people are over the moon with Linkilaw's services.

"Forward-thinking and technology-driven, we work smarter than the lawyers youíre used to."

We see Linkilaw as a unique, modern, experienced, specialist, consumer-oriented and full-service legal advice provider for business owners in the UK. That's why we've added them to our network and are recommending them to people coming through. The only negative thing which stuck with us from our experience on the firm's website is their invention of the word 'Spliquity' on the Startup Equity Calculator page. Sounds like a grumpy children's cartoon character or something ...

Please note that we are not a middleman and we do not take people's details to sell them on. If you want to contact Linkilaw please do so direct using the details listed at the top of this page. A quick note on navigation though. www.linkilaw.com is the official site and www.linkilaw.co.uk doesn't work at the moment. We checked a few simple error variants such as linkylaw or linkeelaw, but according to the public stats most people seem to remember the name well enough. The firm shows up for most related keywords/spellings on search engines too so there's no warnings we feel we need to go over like we've had to do with other firms.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Linkilaw Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.linkilaw.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Linkilaw Limited London

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