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Jackson Canter Solicitors Info

Jackson Canter - Liverpool

Jackson Canter offer expert legal advice across the North West for you, your family and your business. With wheelchair accessible offices in the centre of Liverpool and Manchester, their teams can give you legal advice you can rely on. They make a difference through the practice of law.  

Office Address: Walker House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, England, L2 3YL
Web Address: http://www.jacksoncanter.co.uk
Email Address: enquiries@jacksoncanter.co.uk
Phone Number: 0151 224 7297

Jackson Canter - Manchester

Jackson Canter offer expert legal advice across the North West for you, your family and your business. With wheelchair accessible offices in the centre of Liverpool and Manchester, their teams can give you legal advice you can rely on. They make a difference through the practice of law.  

Office Address: 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, England, M1 2HY
Web Address: http://www.jacksoncanter.co.uk/manchester-office
Email Address: enquiries@jacksoncanter.co.uk
Phone Number: 0161 468 1234

Jackson and Canter Solicitors on YouTube

Quality Solicitors Jackson Canter in Liverpool & Manchester

The first thing that will strike you about Jackson Canter, is that they are branded with the Quality Solicitors logo and website address. If you're not familiar with the QS branding, QualitySolicitors is a network of law firms who all have to offer the services promised across the group. The QS website states five key such promises: Free First Advice, Direct Lawyer Contact, Same-day Response, No Hidden Costs, and Saturday Openings.

The definitions of these will be interpreted differently by each firm. For example, the promise for the Free First Advice service is that each solicitor should provide you with a short chat where they listen to your case and tell you what they can do to help for free. Obviously what each firm in the network defines as 'short', how much detail they are willing to go into, and whether they'll give you any outlines of costs during that free chat ... is going to vary. So if you've had a bad experience with a QS firm elsewhere, don't discount all of the firms in the network because of it.

Certainly this Liverpool and Manchester based firm tries to stamp its individuality by using terms such as "common sense legal solutions" and catchy ideals like "small enough to value you as a client but large enough to have the expertise you need".

Jackson Canter Solicitors

They also temper the free advice promise by adding underneath that you can have a more meaningful and productive 45 minute conversation for a fixed fee of £99. To some, this may sound like they are trying to get their hands in your wallet as soon as possible. But remember, it is unlikely that easy run or basic cases will require a £99 45 minute discussion to start off. For example, there is very little chance of them requiring you to pay a hundred pounds to discuss starting an accident compensation claim or filing a will.

As a large firm you would expect a large case range, and JacksonCanter certainly do that. Actions against the police, conveyancing, criminal law, divorce, employment law, family law, historic child abuse claims, immigration, insolvency, medical negligence, mental health, personal injury, prison law, wills and probate are all personal legal issues they are familiar with. For commercial clients, they cover asset sales and purchases, buying or selling a business, construction law, insolvency, intellectual property and more.

In 2016, we were surprised to see Jackson Canter buy Lees Solicitors. Not because we dislike Lees, but because they are such an old, well-known firm within the Wirral area to be bought out. It was certainly unexpected. Lees Solicitors was founded in 1889 and also provides a range of personal and commercial legal services with offices in Birkenhead, Heswall and West Kirby. The two firms together now provide a staff resource of over 280 people.

This was not the first such move for them though. In 2011, they merged with another Liverpool firm, creating the largest criminal defence team on Merseyside. The criminal law firm RM Broudie became "RM Broudie Jackson & Canter - The Justice Partnership". Broudie Jackson Canter acted on behalf of 20 of the families involved in the Hillsborough disaster, the country's longest ever jury proceeding.

The Jackson Canter Foundation is the firm's charitable arm to support disadvantaged groups within the local community. The firm's staff regularly take part in fundraising activities for the Foundation. These include Tough Mudder, 5km, 10km and marathon runs, cupcake sales, donation boxes and so on. Each year they re-evaluate which charities they are going to raise money for so don't be afraid to give them some ideas if you know of good ones. Certainly our own donations have been guided by recommendations in the past. The Group as a whole donate two percent of profits to the foundation.

Like many firms, this one has a testimonial page. And like so many others, a lot of the testimonials sound like the template ones you get when you ask people to give you a testimonial. - e.g. "I have used QualitySolicitors Jackson Canter many times over the last few years and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. From the receptionists to the solicitors, they are welcoming and understanding but at the same time very professional. I really don't know how I would have managed without them ..." etc. etc.

However, they are not all like that. Some, seem like they could really be snippets from un-coerced praise. - e.g. "Dear Jo. Thank you for your time and care over this house sale. I have really appreciated your constant readiness to help ..." Which certainly sounds a lot more real, genuine, and spontaneous. Good to see.

Alot of the time, the quality solicitor firms have a web address on the actual QS domain - e.g. www.qualitysolicitors.com/jacksoncanter - however this firm has kept their own web address. We did check variants such as www.jacksoncanter.com but that redirects to the .co.uk version. There are of course the merged firm web addresses such as www.broudiejacksoncanter.co.uk and www.lees.co.uk which seem to be individually set up for the moment. As always, it is best to bookmark a site once you are on there just in case you make a small typing error in the future and end up somewhere you don't want to be!

We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. If you do want to build a career with Jackson Canter Solicitors, then it is best to contact them using the phone, email, or website details given above. Due to the complexities of case funding, it is always best to ask about things such as Legal Aid in conversation too. Each firm should state a registration number with their respective Law Society, as well as their SRA number where applicable. Ideally, you should visit the website and look for any specific phone number or email address to contact the right department. - www.jacksoncanter.co.uk

Jackson and Canter Solicitors

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