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Mark Croft Solicitor Info

Hello. This section below about Mark Croft Solicitor is scheduled for archiving and will eventually be removed. The information may therefore be out of date. There are more review articles here or you can use our Legal Help search box to find alternate firms in your area. Thank you for your patience.

Mark Croft Solicitor

Mark Croft Solicitor -

Over the past three decades Mark Croft has acquired a vast knowledge of the criminal justice system. Having represented both private and corporate clients he has a wide range of experience and now focuses on helping those accused of road traffic offences. He can help and advise on the best course of action whether innocent or guilty.

Office Address: PO Box 6595, , England, DE21 2YQ
Web Address: Link unavailable. Click to see local map of alternatives >>
Email Address: info@mark-croft-solicitor.co.uk
Phone Number: 07739 909732

Mark Croft Motor Offence on YouTube

Mark Croft Driving Offence Solicitor in Derby: Review

Todays article will focus on the motor offence solicitor Mark Croft as there are some interesting things to point out regarding his services and website which can help when trying to find a way to distinguish one firm from another. Because if you've already flicked through a few dozen legal service websites today, you'll have noticed that many use the same wording, make the same promises, and even used practically the same images of people shaking hands and smiling.

"I have been involved in the criminal justice system for over 28 years."

First is this quote above from Mark Croft's website. You may see many references to 'time' on law firm's sites. This statement is clear as it means Mark Croft himself has 28 years of experience. However, if you see phrasing such as '20 years of combined experience' or '20 years of experience within the firm' - that means they've added up the experience of all staff members together. So that could be 5 members of staff each with only 4 years of experience.

Mark Croft Solicitor

Another is the more useless of claims (in our opinion) such as 'established in 1881'. While statements such as these on some solicitor websites are meant to give the impression of extensive experience - it's pretty much meaningless. There is not going to be some 200+ year old solicitor within the firm monitoring everything. In fact, you could easily end up with a 1-year qualified newbie solicitor from a 200-year old firm, but a 40-year veteran lawyer from a 1-year old firm. The age of the firm's logo should not influence your decision.

"I enjoyed a very successful career in the Magisterial Service as a Senior Legal Advisor before becoming a specialist criminal lawyer in private practice"

Luckily the English and Welsh have a great resource online to help in such situations. If you look up the Law Society of England & Wales you can check the alternate trading names, contact details, other offices, languages spoken and most importantly the qualification dates of any legal professionals within the firm. If you look up the page for Mark Croft you'll see he definitely does have those many years (qualified in 1994) and he specialises in Motor Offense matters. It's a shame the Scottish and Irish do not have such a resource.

"I am available to undertake criminal legal aid agency work."

Again this is another statement that you might let slip by, but since the '90s there have been increasing efforts by each goverment to decrease the number of people that can qualify for Legal Aid. There have also been concerted efforts to keep the amount a solicitor can earn helping these financially vulnerable people to make it almost cost the solicitor money to take some Legal Aid cases.

So if you see any law firm's website saying they are willing to take on Legal Aid cases - don't just pass that over as if it's something every law firm does. We've been working with law firms for over twenty years now and out of over 200 firms currently on our network, only 15 work with Legal Aid. That's how uncommon it is. It's like finding a dentist that still accepts NHS patients! In our opinion, still taking Legal Aid in this hostile time is a sign of integrity.

"I recently obtained a discontinuance of a road traffic case on behalf of a certain Insurance Company, that led to a saving of in excess of £2.5 million in potential damages."

Mark Croft's site doesn't have a lot of extra pages. But it does have necessary and useful information such as fees. A quick note on navigation though, because the official site is www.mark-croft-solicitor.co.uk with hyphens. At the time of writing the site was not https secure so it might be better to ring with your queries until this is sorted.

This isn't a huge deal, however, because as far as we're aware scammers have never tried to steal money from criminal law clients. They are too busy taking huge amounts of money from house buyers. Sometimes with scams so simple as sending them an email stating the payment details have changed. For some reason, the buyer doesn't bother checking up on this before transferring the entire house deposit to the fraudster's bank account. So just be careful anyway when visiting sites and always be aware of what site you're on, it's padlock status, and who's emailing you.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Mark Croft Solicitor it's best to visit the website (www.mark-croft-solicitor.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Mark Croft Motor Offence

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