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These days you have to be sure that you source clients in a completely compliant manner. We have been referring clients to law firms since 1999 and our current setup was approved by the MOJ in 2007. We keep ourselves aware of regulations and guidelines such as those through LASPO, the SRA, OISC and Bar Standards Board.

We don't even attempt to skirt the 'grey areas' or make use of 'loopholes'. We do not obtain, retain, buy, or sell people's personal information. Potential clients are referred directly to a law firm in our network for initial contact. We do not charge any finders fees, referral fees, success fees, etc.

For more information about what exactly we can provide, please fill in the form below with your email and web address. We will check your website for your location and case range in order to provide you with a guaranteed quote.

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If you would prefer to read more information, see examples, or browse typical price ranges on our website first, we link to several such pages including a Frequently asked Questions section in the links around this page.

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There are many benefits to joining our referral network including boosting the number of visitors your get to your website through various promotional methods included as part of the service. We recommend ensuring you have a good analytics program on your site to be able to compare the quality of people we refer to other sources you may be using.

The program is designed to work alongside existing marketing setups any firm may have. Nearly 75% of the traffic we receive come from sources other than search engines including our various social media channels, website partners, affiliate program, PPC (not Adwords), other sites we own, and so on. So it’s geared towards being an alternative source of potential clients – i.e. not doubling up on marketing you may already be involved with.

Any questions you'd like to ask first, please contact us.

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Thy Will be Done Thy Will be Done can provide outsourced legal services for your client's Spanish needs including Wills, Power of Attorney, Buying/Selling Property, Tax Advice and more.

They are an Award winning UK company and Spanish Bar registered solicitors. They will provide all services while you liaise and bill your own clients directly.

Visit their website, or call 0800 668 11 64.

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