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Eve Lake Conveyancing & Legal Services LogoEve Lake Conveyancing & Legal Services in Hope Valley: There are a lot of terms to contend with when searching for help with legal matters. Did you know that 'solicitors' and 'lawyers' are not the same thing in the UK? If you didn't know, don't worry. Sadly that difference is often not explained well by ... More

Amy King Legal LogoAmy King Legal - Personal Injury & Litigation Solicitor in Gillingham, Kent: Today's article covers an area of legal services there's probably a fair misunderstanding about. Or at least, less understanding. If you've been trawling through the hundreds of law firm websites today you'll have noticed a lot of them tout in... More

Heritage Park Family Law Ltd LogoHeritage Park Family Law Ltd - Barrister Chambers in Ampthill, Bedford: Today we're going to highlight the firm Heritage Park Family Law Ltd. Since the explosion of the internet, we are now a good few decades away from people being forced to use the law firm on their local high street. This has allowed the number of s... More

McCarthy + Co LLP LogoMcCarthy + Co LLP Solicitors in Dublin, Cork & Clonakilty: It's always a sad thing for us to admit with 1to1Legal being a Scottish firm, but The Law Society of England & Wales has produced a far better and more user friendly website than any of its counterparts. This includes the Law Societies of both... More

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd LogoOakwood Solicitors Ltd & Oakwood Property Solicitors in Leeds: Modern technology has brought services from across the UK to our fingertips. This should mean everyone has a much wider range of choice when it comes to getting help. If you have access to the possible services of 100,000 solicitors nationwide rather... More

ACSL Solicitors Ltd LogoACSL Solicitors Ltd in Liverpool: We've been working in the legal industry for over 20 years now, just about to celebrate (a loose use of the word) our 25th year in the business. So if anyone knows about law firm's websites, we're surely in that list . If you've just finished f... More

Sternberg Reed LLP LogoSternberg Reed LLP Solicitors with Offices in Romford, Barking & Grays: Finding a product you want online is relatively simple. There are always websites to tell you the "10 best" of something or you'll have your own brand loyalty already. Some people just click to purchase the first listing on Amazon to save time. But w... More

Eatons Solicitors LogoEatons Solicitors in Bradford, Bingley, Yeadon & Leeds West Yorkshire: It's very easy for a firm to claim they are large or experienced in the text of their website. In fact, the percentage of legal matters being resolved without the client ever having to step foot inside an actual solicitors office is increasing yea... More

WYM Legal Ltd LogoWYM Legal Ltd Conveyancing Solicitors in Watford: If you've trawled through even just a handful of law firm websites today looking for one that stands out to you, you'll have noticed most have the same language and images. Each calling themselves modern, efficient, or friendly with photos of people ... More

Thomas and Thomas Solicitors Ltd LogoThomas and Thomas Solicitors Ltd in Maesteg, Bridgend & Port Talbot: It can be very confusing trying to navigate the world of 'marketing jargon'. If you've already visited a dozen law firm websites today looking for one that peak's your interest, you'll have been bombarded with words such as 'friendly', 'expert... More

Wolf Law Solicitors LogoWolf Law Solicitors Ltd in Wirral: The majority of companies in any industry pay a content writer to fill their website pages. Sometimes the brief is to generate informative articles to educate consumers on a specific product or service. But alot of the time doesn't it just seem to be... More

SG Murphy Solicitors LogoSG Murphy & Co Ltd - Solicitors in Newtownabbey, Belfast: At this point if you've been searching for legal services for a few hours already you may be starting to think that they all sound the same. Much of the language they use sounds the same and even the images on their websites look the same - professio... More

Walker Foster Solicitors LogoWalker Foster Ltd Solicitors in Skipton, Barnoldswick, Silsden, Settle, Ilkley, Northallerton & Harrogate: We're bombarded with marketing at every turn. Sadly, the up and coming generation doesn't seem as savvy when it comes to spotting an advert. That's probably more to do with how clever marketing has become rather than our kids being more gullib... More

Harrison's Solicitors LogoHarrison's Solicitors - Conveyancing in Reading, Caversham & Woodley: The internet has brought so many advantages when it comes to choice for consumers. It has levelled the playing field so that smaller firms offering great service can't be crushed out of the market by larger, bigger-budgeted firms. Although, sa... More

Girlings Solicitors LLP LogoGirlings Solicitors LLP & Girlings Personal Injury Claims Ltd in Sandwich, Ashford & Canterbury: Today's article focuses on the firm Girlings which has a setup that might seem different and even unusual today, but which was completely common just a decade ago. We're referring to the fact Girlings Solicitors has a separate division for their comp... More

UVS Law LogoUVS Law Immigration & Visa Solicitor in Burton-on-Trent & London: UK Immigration Law is governed by the Immigration Act 1971, which has undergone several amendments over the years such as Chagos Islanders acquiring British nationality. The Act replaced previous immigration laws and introduced new regulations regard... More

Kee Solicitors Ltd LogoKee Solicitors Ltd in Glasgow & Aberdeen: We've been working in the legal industry as a company since 1999, but many of our staff at 1to1Legal have been working in various law related capacities for longer than that. So we know a lot of the changes that have occurred and Family Law re... More

Waterstone Partnership Solicitors LogoWaterstone Partnership Solicitors in Bradford: Today's article is based on the firm Waterstone PS or Waterstone Partnership Solicitors to give it the full title. At the time of writing it looks as though the firm are in the middle of updating their website with a holding page stating this is taki... More

Mark Croft Solicitor LogoMark Croft Driving Offence Solicitor in Derby: Todays article will focus on the motor offence solicitor Mark Croft as there are some interesting things to point out regarding his services and website which can help when trying to find a way to distinguish one firm from another. Because if ... More

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EMD Law LLP LogoEMD Law LLP Solicitors in Staplehurst & St Leonards-on-Sea: The past few articles have been about firms with a specialist goal or unique setup. We try to ensure we can recommend a range of services in each area, not just cram every single firm onto a page. There are always different options available a... More

Lyons Solicitors LogoLyons Solicitors - Law Firm in Kingswood, Westbury-on-Trym & Chew Magna (Bristol): Today's article focuses on the law firm Lyons Solicitors based in Bristol. It's strange to think the internet has only been with us just over two decades because it really feels as though the way in which we shop and hire services has changed more... More

Brian Barr Solicitors LogoBrian Barr Solicitors Ltd Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia Compensation in Manchester: One of the problems when trying to find a law firm to help with a case is the similarities between each firm's website. Many use similar wording, similar images, and make similar claims. So how do you tell them apart? For example,... More

Frei Solicitors LogoFrei Solicitors Ltd - Luxury Asset Law Firm in London: As you may have noticed if you've flicked through the law firm listings pages of this site, we are not a directory listing every legal practice under the sun across the UK. We try to find a range of professionals in various sections of law. Fo... More

Drummond Miller LLP LogoDrummond Miller LLP Solicitors in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bathgate, Musselburgh, Dalkeith & East Kilbride: The law is constantly changing , but law firms themselves didn't really seem to change for a few centuries. That was until the internet came along. Solicitors could work from home, create their own startup firm, and build connections to grow th... More

Calio Claims LogoCalio Claims Ltd - Personal Injury in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth & Dundee: In all of our articles about law firms we try to cover details about the firm themselves but also any general tips that stand out which may help consumers as they try to select the best fit for them . For example, our article on Lindsays which ... More

EDC Lord & Co Solicitors LogoEDC Lord & Co Solicitors in Southall: EDC Lord & Co Solicitors is a UK law firm that provides a variety of legal services to clients. Their website, www.edclord.co.uk, is an excellent representation of the firm's commitment to professionalism, expertise, and customer service. ... More

Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors LogoNicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors in Macclesfield: After 20+ years of writing articles about the legal industry, we often worry that we can no longer tell the difference between what might interest legal professionals versus the general public. However for this piece the two are going to be merged to... More

Cullimore Dutton Solicitors LogoCullimore Dutton Solicitors Ltd - Conveyancing & Legal Services in Chester: If you've flicked through a few of our articles already you'll hopefully have noticed that we try to mix reviews of any firm with general information that might help you make a decision about which firm to use. The firm today is Cullimore Dutton Soli... More

The Law Partnership Solicitors LogoThe Law Partnership Ltd - Solicitors in Coventry: Hopefully if you've been on our site for even a short while it should be clear we are not a 'law firm directory'. We do not add every single firm out there into a database for you to flick through. There are already enough of them about and you've mo... More

Wilford Smith Solicitors LogoWilford Smith Solicitors in Sheffield (Meadowhall) & Rotherham - WS Strategic Ltd: Todays article focuses on Wilford Smith solicitors. A firm covering personal and business matters with local offices in Sheffield and Rotherham. They are a good example to use in order to provide insights and help into ways people can research... More

Foster & Coleman Ltd LogoFoster & Coleman Ltd Solicitors in Bromley, Greater London: If you've already flicked through a dozen law firm websites today looking for one that can help you with your case, you may have noticed that most of them have the same sort of language which makes it difficult to tell them apart. Many even have the ... More

Wildcat Law Ltd LogoWildcat Law Ltd Solicitors in London & Southampton: Today's article is on the legal firm Wildcat Law as there are a few things we can point out about this firm that might help you generally when seeking a legal professional to assist you with your case. If you've already been through a dozen la... More

LS Legal Solicitors Ltd LogoLS Legal Solicitors Ltd: It can get very confusing when trying to find a solicitor for your case. In times gone by (we've been banned from writing 'in the old days') there would be a high street solicitor that would generally handle a wide range of case types. These days you... More

A City Law Firm Ltd LogoA City Law Firm Ltd in London: Today's article also focuses on things you can do to research a firm you're thinking of using. A City Law Firm has been on our network for a while now and has many aspects about it you may have come across in your search for legal help and won... More

Buchanan & Co Solicitors LogoBuchanan & Co Ltd Solicitors in Staveley, Chesterfield, Kiveton Park & Sheffield: If you've been through a few other articles or pages of this site you may have noticed that 1to1Legal tries to offer a range of service providers with flexible search options - rather than cramming 100+ of the same type of firm into a directory.

Goldsmith Bowers Solicitors LogoGoldsmith Bowers Debt Recovery & Litigation Solicitors in Bradford: Goldsmith Bowers Solicitors have been on the network for a while now and we wanted to make a few points about researching firms in general. For example, this snippet from their website: "Specialist debt recovery, li... More

Guardian Law LogoGuardian Law Ltd - Employment & HR Lawyers in Nottingham: We have consistently warned people about the public review boards when researching a company you're thinking of using. They are an excellent resources and we absolutely recommend checking through them. But you simply must make sure to read the... More

Backhouse Solicitors LogoBackhouse Solicitors in Chelmsford, Essex: You would think that the development of the internet and every company having a full website about themselves with dozens of third party resources to provide independent information etc. etc. etc. would make researching and choosing the right firm... More

WH Solicitors LogoWH Law Ltd - Immigration Solicitors in Woking: Normally our articles use a specific law firm to highlight a point or explain a resource you can use when researching various types of firm, or legal professionals that deal in specific areas of law. However today's law practice, WH Solicitors, is si... More

Two Harcourt Buildings LogoTwo Harcourt Buildings Chambers - 2HB Barristers in London: Two Harcourt Buildings may be a setup you're not familiar with because prior to recent changes in how the public can access legal help, you would have had to pay a solicitor just to get introduced to a barrister that can actually represent you... More

MJV & Co Solicitors Ltd LogoMJV & Co Solicitors Ltd - Law Firm in Thornton-Cleveleys, Blackpool: It wasn't until we researched MJV Solicitors that we realised there was a once-hugely-popular phrase now seemingly missing from the pages of most current law firm websites. It dawned on us straight off the bat with this statement on the front page of... More

Bridge McFarland LLP LogoBridge McFarland LLP - Solicitors in Grimsby, Hull, Lincoln, Louth, and Market Rasen: If you've already been through a dozen law firm websites today looking for a good match for legal help , you'll probably be frustrated by the similar sounding sales language and even similar looking images. Photos of people in suits smiling and... More

Woodstock Legal Services LogoWoodstock Legal Services Ltd - Solicitors Law Practice in Poole: Having worked in the legal industry for over 20 years we're still surprised to come across some firms that we'd not heard of before. In any industry there are obviously those firms that thrive on publicity and who like seeing their logo everyw... More

Stephanie Heijdra LogoStephanie Heijdra - The Lady Barrister & Clerksroom Chambers in London: As you may have gathered from the network setup and other articles across our site, our goal is not just to provide a directory of the most common law firms. There are already hundreds of websites doing that. We try to make sure you know about the di... More

Summerfield Browne Solicitors LogoSummerfield Browne Solicitors in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Market Harborough & Leicester: We've written many articles on what to look for in a law firm to make sure you get legal advice from the best match to your needs. Today's is going to discuss Summerfield Browne Solicitors as they have an alternate setup which they've run for many ye... More

Thaxted Legal Ltd LogoThaxted Legal Ltd Immigration Solicitors in Chislehurst, London: We've written over 200+ articles on legal service providers in the UK with tips on what to look for when trying to get legal help, resources you can use, and things to avoid. We even have a list of the most 'problematic' firms based on the complaints... More

Smith and Graham Solicitors LogoSmith and Graham Solicitors in Hartlepool, Peterlee and Middlesbrough: Since Covid hit we've seen a lot of law firms go under and a new wave of single proprietor practices has started pushing across the UK. The number of large multi-office firms only seems to increase due to some smaller businesses merging to survive th... More

Brown and Co Solicitors LogoBrown & Co Solicitors in Greenwich, London: You'll get a lot of opinions on social boards or 'help' articles about the pros/cons of using a large law firm, a small local firm, a specialist, a general practice firm, etc. Plus dozens of review pages both monitored and unmonitored. O... More

Mackenzie Jones Solicitor LogoMackenzie Jones Solicitors in St Asaph, Menai Bridge & Chester: We try our best to provide a range of options for people searching for help. That means not just the regular high street solicitor but also barristers for direct access, accountants where a solicitor might not be needed for a tax matter, or pa... More

Hill House Chambers LogoHill House Chambers - Barristers Based in London: Hill House Chambers have been recommended across our network for some time now so, as we do with many firms, we'd like to give a few insights into things that stood out to us about a firm, how that compares across the industry, and things you can ... More

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5 Tips For Finding A Reputable Local Solicitor: Durham. where Grayling desires six 'suppliers'. and has assured one among the slots to the PDS. which at present has a miniscule market share - because it is not chosen by clients as their solicitor. For instance. a legal firm wit ... List of UK Barristers

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