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Three Graces Legal Info

Please note: we are no longer partnered with Three Graces Legal so the information below may be out of date. This page will be archived, then removed/replaced in due course. Please use the solicitor search function to find an alternate firm in your area. Thank you.

Three Graces Legal - Liverpool

Experienced in working with private individuals as well as organisations of all sizes. Three Graces Legal recognise that the traditional way of instructing a law firm can be daunting and expensive. However, they work with you to create a highly-tailored plan suitable for you or your organisation. They promise to be open and transparent at all times to provide peace of mind, regardless of what your legal problem is.  

Office Address: 411-412, Cotton Exchange, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, England, L3 9LQ
Web Address: http://www.threegraceslegal.co.uk
Email Address: N/A
Phone Number: N/A

Three Graces Legal Liverpool on YouTube

Three Graces Legal Solicitors based in Liverpool, Merseyside

If you've used the 1to1Legal network to find yourself legal assistance before, or if you've already read through a few of the articles on this site - you'll know that our job of finding recommendable firms is a difficult one. First of all, we don't want to simply list thousands of solicitors and make you dig through them. For that you might as well use a standard 'everyone pile in' directory. We want to track the firms we recommend, keep re-evaluating their services, and ensure that we can have the most up to date information.

This means finding firms that have a good reputation, good resources, good locations, good staff, and good case ranges. Some firms will focus on a single case type such as personal injury, business law, or conveyancing. We like those a lot. But if that is all we offered people, then that would mean having to come back and find a new solicitor for every case throughout your life. Not everyone is an avid 'shopper'. So we also try to find firms with a wide case range that you can come back to time and time again. (We hope not of course!) There are people that have their own business, a divorce or two, are accident-prone, and so on - that may like having a firm they can rely on no matter what.

The addition of Three Graces Legal to our network brings that kind of coverage to Liverpool and the surrounding area. They are a firm that clearly don't try and take on every single case type, but have a wide enough range for them to cover most things that you may encounter as life goes by.

Three Graces Legal

What made them stick out to us? Balancing the concept of 'professionalism' versus the trappings people expect from 'modern' companies - is difficult. In our opinion it's practically impossible. If a firm seems too archaic in their language and styling, then they appear to be a relic amongst the streamlined, fast-paced, tech-ridden world. Conversely, if a firm tries to be too trendy, they often end up looking like the court jester bouncing around the ancient castle that is the UK legal system.

Three Graces Legal walks this tightrope well by having a professional looking site with references to the history of Liverpool in its styling and logo - but also having language that sounds more up to date with what people are looking for. For example, this statement on their website:

"In all our relationships we are completely open and transparent at all times. We are sincere, trustworthy, dependable, loyal and fair in everything that we do. We have strong moral principles, and strive to uphold the rule of law."

which is followed up by:

"We are a paperless office. When required to use paper we only use 100% recycled paper. We recycle paper, plastics and cardboard wherever possible. We endeavour to minimise the use of packaging. All printer and toner ink cartridges are recycled."

and so on. They state an awareness of the modern world and an openness to new ideas. They also state that they are continually encouraging ""creativity and innovation"". Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot more great sounding language than actual facts or examples of what that means. But absolutely there is enough information dotted around the place (such as their environmental impact decisions and the articles on current affairs) to warrant a level of faith in the progressive nature of their service descriptions. Certainly we see a lot more puffed up yet unproven claims across the thousands of solicitor's websites that are out there.

One clear signal you can rely on when a firm makes claims about being modern, is whether their website displays well on a mobile phone, with clickable phone numbers, and a short enquiry form for those people typing with their thumbs. Three Graces' online face is certainly a modern setup with all of those features included.

TGL's services include: help with several common individual cases such as the handling of employment law issues, personal injury claims for compensation, clinical negligence claims against medical professionals. But also a couple of less commonly found cases such as sports & leisure advice for sportsmen and women on a range of issues such as contracts and finance.

On the business side of things they offer general business law advice, such as HR and employment matters. They also cover debt recovery services, health & safety advice, transport & haulage, cyber security & data protection, claims defence & handling, sports & leisure legal services for sports clubs and associations. Right down some real specifics such as anti-fraud, due diligence, occupational health, threat management, pensions and more.

This sets them apart from many of the other firms on our panel, because whilst some of the great firms we work with will provide help with business law - Three Graces Legal clearly want to do more. For example, rather than just stating their ability to handle employment issues - they state their ability to provide insight and advice on settlement agreements already reached. Also, the world of sports law is not the easiest. Hence the reason you don't see so many firms rushing to handle such cases. Each usually requires a lot of discussions and understanding by the handling solicitor to be able to provide the correct advice for that organisation's specific setup. As I'm sure you're already aware, the differences in setup, services and staff amongst the vast array of clubs and organisations out there are huge and numerous.

So who are the people behind this?

At the time of writing Aaron Pearson has over 16 years’ legal experience, of which 12 have been spent as a litigation fee-earner. He has worked preparing Court documents such as pleadings, applications, and enforcements. He has handled a range of cases including personal injury, clinical negligence, debt recovery, and disputes. His experience working in commercial legal insurance will likely have given valuable insight into how each side thinks during a case.

Steven Davies qualified as a solicitor in 2009 whilst working at a practice in North Wales handling employment, commercial property, and litigation matters. His employment law speciality has seen him work with directors, senior managers, trade unions, union members, and employees on everything from unfair dismissal and redundancy to equal pay and whistleblowing.

Daniel Johnson's background is in the personal injury sector defending business clients. This will clearly have given him an edge in his more recent focus with actual claimants.

There are full descriptions of the staff and their roles on the website. But as you can see, this is no start-up. Again I'd just like to point out, the main difference I've seen with this firm over others is their dedication to the particular types of work they do. Beyond simply taking on cases, they seem to enjoy performing their work and progressing with the industries they advise on. When writing these review articles on firms, I rarely take the time to stop and read the blog posts and news articles. Mostly, they are not aimed at me as a panel manager of a solicitor search network.

However, on this occasion I found the extras dotted around this firm's website both interesting, and on occasions - completely over my head, which I love to see. Dumbing down is a terrible thing and there's nothing that makes my eye twitch more than seeing 'compensation calculators' on websites as the only informational service provided. (It's not even a real thing! It's impossible to calculate compensation using ...... anyway ... that's a rant for another article.) Point is, well done Three Graces. I'll leave you with this last snippet from their site:

"We are committed to developing a culture which thrives on diversity, respect for the individual and the expression of talent; one that inspires and empowers individuals to fulfil their potential and the potential of Three Graces Legal."

A quick note on navigation. The web address is long and therefore more open to typing errors. Especially if you're using your phone with one hand banging at the popup keyboard. www.threegraceslegal.co.uk is the site, but www.threegraceslegal.com does currently direct you there as well. There are a lot of references to "three graces" on the web for various things, so watch out for auto-type and auto-correct. Certainly the addresses of www.threegraces.co.uk and www.threegraces.com don't currently seem to have anything to do with the law firm. Best bet is to bookmark the site once you're sure you're on the correct one for later.

General Notes: We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. If you do want to build a career with Three Graces Legal, then it is best to visit their site and try to find the correct phone/email contact details set aside for such if they exist. (Emailing a CV to their reception looks lazy.) Due to the complexities of case funding and the constant government cuts, it is always best to ask about things such as Legal Aid up front. Lastly, each law firm should state a registration number with their respective Law Society and/or their SRA number. It's usually at the bottom of every page. - www.threegraceslegal.co.uk

Three Graces Legal Liverpool

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