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The Legal Practice Ltd Info

The Legal Practice Ltd - Brent

The Legal Practice has over 50 years' experience resolving legal issues for both individuals and businesses. They promise clear, pragmatic, tailored advice from a qualified solicitor and are able to provide communication in Gurjrati, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi, Swahili, or Urdu. They work closely with other professionals such as surveyors and accountants to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients. Local parking is available.

Office Address: 100 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley Park, Brent, Greater London, HA9 8HR
Web Address: https://www.thelegalpractice.co.uk
Email Address: tlp@thelegalpractice.co.uk
Phone Number: 020 8903 7017

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The Legal Practice Ltd - Solicitors in Wembley Park, Greater London: Review

Many of the articles we write will focus on an individual law office in order to make comparisons, clarifications, and provide tips on how to research any common queries that come up during your general search for legal help. Today's article uses a firm actually called 'The Legal Practice' which is based in Wembley Park, Greater London.

Obviously we think highly of the firm because we've added them to our database of searchable legal professionals. But some of the things we'll cover now will hopefully provide a little more insight into the general issues within the legal industry for people trying to check up on the firms they encounter. One very common thing we come across on law firm websites are founding date claims. Indeed at the time of writing this, The Legal Practice's website opens with:

"Over 50 Years of Legal Experience. Serving The Local & National Community Since 1964"

The Legal Practice Ltd

If you've already scoured through dozens of legal company websites today then you'll probably have seen several of them claiming almost ancient founding dates such as 'established in 1771'. Law firms can get so boastful of their ancient start dates that it makes TLP's claim of 1964 sound almost in it's infancy. So whilst other industries have moved on to the point where restaurants, technologies, and even just social media sites are favoured by their newness - many solicitors still cling to the idea that ancient is better when it comes to law.

But let's be honest. You can end up with a 1-year-qualified lawyer from a 300-year-old brand name the same as you can end up with a 40-year-experienced lawyer from a 2-year-old firm. In our opinion the only 'years' number that matters is the number of years' experience the actual solicitor running your case has. So whilst The Law Practice's claim of being established for over 50 years is far more honest and therefore believable than some other law firms - the whole thing is still not a great measure to help distinguish between a firm's suitability for your particular case.

"Whether you are an individual, small business or a more established firm, our approach is to work with you to provide clear, pragmatic, tailored advice from a qualified solicitor."

The greatest resource we've found online for helping you check up on a law firm is their local law society entry. This firm is registered with The Law Society of England & Wales which is wonderful because out of all the law societies available, they have the best user-side data by far. They typically provide any alternate trading names, all office locations, languages spoken, case types handled, and most importantly - the qualification dates and specialties of each solicitor within the firm.

For The Legal Practice they show a range of experience levels from Navjiven Mandair who qualified as a solicitor in 1997, right up to Dharmini Somani who just qualified back in 2018. That should mean the practice has a very good mix of seasoned, wise old heads but with eager, fresh ideas thrown in. So whilst there is no solicitor in the firm with the full 50 years' experience, we certainly can't say they are lacking it.

"The foundations of The Legal Practice are built on client service."

Of course whilst we at 1to1Legal are usually first drawn to the industry websites to check up on firms before adding them to our site - most 'regular' people's first port of call is the public review boards. The firm does have some testimonials on their website of which here are some snippets:

"Dharmini and Pooja provided very professional service"

"Dharmini was professional, efficient and helpful in the sale of my flat and purchase of our new house."

"Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Spot on service"

However according to our poll last year, only 8% of people said they trusted company-provided testimonials enough to have them influence their decision about using a firm. That's an understandable position considering company testimonials tend to be all positive and not always including the information people want such as both pros AND cons of the firm. Reading negative reviews may not always put someone off using a firm unless there is a clear theme. The most common to make people not want to use a law firm is if there are plenty of negative reviews about their case solicitor never being contactable. So how do TLP fare on the independent comment forums?

"very good and fluent in their work and know what they are doing"

"I have been using the firm in the last 5 years and their work is very thorough"

"always there to answer any queries"

"provides clear guidance on all aspects of the process"

We went through the most popular review boards including Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Trustpilot to grab these snippets. The majority were clearly positive and a huge number focused on praising clear communication from the staff. This seems to be an actual goal or at least a point of pride for the firm because we also saw this statement on their website:

"At your request we are able to provide communication in Gurjrati, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi, Swahili, and Urdu."

A quick note on navigation is needed to cover a few points about when a firm has some generic terms in their name, and how a firm's case range can be a cause for some extra caution if you decide to use them. The three words of the firm's branding 'the', 'legal', and 'practice' are not unique terms such as when solicitors typically use their own surname. If you type those three words into a search engine, the correct firm does come up top. But 'the law practice' or 'the lawyer practice' (if you've not remembered quite correctly) bring up different firms and lots of adverts.

The official website is www.thelegalpractice.co.uk but again, www.thelegalpractice.com is owned by a different firm. We therefore highly recommend that you bookmark the correct site if you plan on coming back. We don't recommend it just for this firm's website either, but for all law offices that handle property matters. That's because the legal industry is currently plagued by fraudsters trying to scam house buyers out of their deposit money. People have handed tens of thousands of pounds of their savings over to these fraudsters bank accounts. Sometimes simply because they received an official-looking email that said the bank details for payment had changed.

These days it is therefore imperative to make sure you're on the correct website (you can read about phishing scams here) and never discuss payments via email. If someone calls saying they are from your solicitor's office and you don't recognise the person - never feel uncomfortable about saying you're going to hang up and ring them back on the official phone number you have.

"We work closely with other professionals such as surveyors, accountants and tax specialists to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients in a cost effective manner."

One final pointer that most general consumers may not know about is the fact that at the time of writing this, The Legal Practice had a 4.6 star rating on Google. That's actually a much bigger deal than you might think. Just try looking up the star ratings of several other property firms in your area. The majority will have a huge chunk of negative comments. One of the largest conveyancing firms in the UK has a star rating of just over three at the moment.

This is because most people buying/selling a house will always feel that the process should have gone much, much faster and been far, far less complicated. There is also a huge amount of people that leave negative reviews about the other side's solicitor during a house transaction which seems incredibly unfair because they've usually obtained their negative opinion from their own solicitor blaming every issue on the other side. So again, the fact TLP have such a high rating despite handling property matters is not something to just brush aside. Maintaining such high ratings whilst working in that industry is pretty impressive.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with The Legal Practice Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.thelegalpractice.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

The Legal Practice Solicitors

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