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Stephanie Heijdra Info

Stephanie Heijdra - Barrister London

Stephanie Heijdra - Barrister - London

As a qualified barrister Stephanie Heijdra is also a level 3 OISC Immigration Caseworker, a Level 2 Law Society Immigration/Asylum Caseworker, has an LLM in Human Rights Law, accredited mediator and a degree in Business Management. With these and her membership of the Family Law Bar Association, PBA, she has a wide range of expertise and experience to draw on when handling your case. Thanks to the Direct/Public Access scheme you can now hire qualified barristers directly rather than spending the extra time and expense going through a solicitor first.

Office Address: Clerksroom, 160 Fleet Street, London, Greater London, EC4A 2DQ
Web Address: https://www.theladybarrister.co.uk
Email Address: team@winvolvedlegal.co.uk
Phone Number: 0207 101 4682

The Lady Barrister on YouTube

Stephanie Heijdra - The Lady Barrister & Clerksroom Chambers in London: Review

As you may have gathered from the network setup and other articles across our site, our goal is not just to provide a directory of the most common law firms. There are already hundreds of websites doing that. We try to make sure you know about the different types of legal help you can get in your area including the typical high street solicitor but also things like will writers and accountants that can sometimes help with legal issues at a fraction of the cost.

"Direct access is a scheme which qualifies barristers to take instructions directly from a client, enabling you to instruct a barrister without first going through a solicitor. As a client who needs legal advice or representation in court, this could save you money in legal fees."

That's a snippet from the official site about direct access barristers which is what this piece will be discussing. Barristers are setup quite differently to regular law offices in that there typically aren't official physical law offices to go back and forth to. They also will be far more specialised in certain areas of law because they are more likely to have to represent you in court over the matter.

Stephanie Heijdra

Barristers may be part of a 'chambers' or simply be working on their own. As part of a chambers you'll find every barrister works quite individually anyway though. The example for today is a barrister called Stephanie Heijdra. As she works on her own her website is therefore much more focused in providing information about her. So if you've spent the last few hours reading endless sales-pitch paragraphs on solicitor websites - this might be a welcome break:

"... studied for a Law Degree at the University of Liverpool and was awarded her LLB (Hons), enabling her to start her bar professional training course (BPTC) whilst simultaneously studying for an LLM in Human Rights Law at Manchester Metropolitan University. She also has an LLM in Legal Practice."

You'll find that barristers are much more embedded in the legal process which is why their photos are often of them in wigs and robes whilst solicitor websites are more likely stock photos of people in various coloured shirts shaking hands with very happy looking clients.

"She went on to study for a Degree in Business Management at BPP University London in aid of her thriving immigration practice Winvolved Consultancy Ltd."

So far the obvious indication is Stephanie is both well educated and entrepreneurial. But what about experience? Normally we're able to point you to several resources to help you check the background of law firms such as The Law Society website in your area. However for barristers there simply isn't as much publicly available information. Even reviews are hard to come by which we'll cover in a moment.

The Bar Standards Council website only shows whether someone is an active barrister on record and whether there have been any complaints. (There have been none against Stephanie at the time we checked.) All extra information such as qualifications or even clear specialist areas of law are not provided. We did find Stephanie provided help/opinions for various news articles about her area of law including to The Express and on a UK Charity website.

"She is a level 3 OISC Immigration Caseworker and a Level 2 Law Society Immigration and Asylum Caseworker."

With barristers being mainly autonomous even when part of a chambers, checking out independent reviews such as on Google, Yelp, or Trustpilot is also hit and miss. That's because reviews left underneath the chamber's name will be about one specific lawyer within it. As they do not work as a team that doesn't really help you as a client know much about how your case might potentially be handled.

This is even more difficult for people working under their own name instead of a chambers because Google wants to match company names and locations with each local business search. So at the moment even something specific such as "stephanie heijdra barrister london" brings up no local information let alone public reviews. This is despite her working in the industry since at least 2014 according to the BSB certificate.

"conscientious, approachable and methodical in her approach"

"She was quick to turn the case around in my favour and the outcome was great"

"Gained more than I was expecting"

"I felt supported during the delicate situation I am experiencing"

These snippets are from testimonials provided on Stephanie's website entitled The Lady Barrister. Usually we do not include company provided testimonials after the poll we took a few years ago indicated less than 8% of people trusted them. However some of the reviews on her site are provided by peers she has worked with on cases. This is because a solicitor will often have to hire a barrister to do certain types of court work. We think that lends far more weight to the review so have decided to include such snippets this time.

"In her immigration law practice, she represents a variety of clients facing serious matters which includes matters involving young and vulnerable clients."

On navigation, as we said we're currently linking to her www.theladybarrister.co.uk website. The site is https secure for submitting your personal info. The .com version of that does not currently redirect and all other variants we tried such as www.stephanieheijdra.co.uk / .com had no site or were not relevant either. You may see Stephanie listed on other related networks such as Clerksroom as well. She also runs the Winvolved Legal Consultancy using www.winvolvedlegal.co.uk Her name is very unique so you should get a good link appearing at the top of the results. Just watch out for Google always sneaking rival adverts in.

We hope that helps clarify some differences between solicitors and barrister when researching. Unfortunately with the direct access scheme being so new it may not be something you've heard of yet and hopefully more information on each barrister will become available as the scheme and awareness grows. We also hope it clarifies why Stephanie Heijdra was one of such legal professionals we decided to add to our own network.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Stephanie Heijdra it's best to visit the website (www.theladybarrister.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

The Lady Barrister

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