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MGBe Legal: Info

MGBe Legal London

MGBe Legal - London

MGBe Legal specialise in Corporate and Personal immigration and nationality law including EU applications, citizenship (naturalisation and registration), family reunion, spouse visas, human rights applications, asylum, settled status, extension of leave. They handle sponsor licence applications, student and skilled worker visas, including appeals and administrative reviews. Their expert lawyers promise clear, simple solutions tailored to your needs. Call 0333 772 3153 or 07475 790 490

Office Address: 107 Cheapside, London, Greater London, EC2V 6DN
Web Address: https://mgbelegal.com
Email Address: contact@mgbelegal.com
Phone Number: 07475 790 490

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MGBe Legal Immigration Lawyers in London: Review

At 1to1Legal we like to research and review a wide variety firms. From the very (sometimes unfathomably) niche boutiques, to large international firms. For some areas of law though, people really do want a specialist firm. From the queries we've seen on our site this generally applies to Motor Offences, Criminal Law, Conveyancing, Debt Recovery and Immigration.

MGBe Legal specialise in the latter of those. It's not hard to imagine in the circumstances where, rather than seeking out the heavy resources of a huge general practice firm, people want someone who deals with these matters day and day out. Someone who constantly updates themselves in the new legislation and guidelines. Someone who knows the 'tricks' of the trade.

"At MGBe Legal we specialise in personal and business immigration."

MGBe Legal

We've discussed the pros and cons of using specialist firms before, but there are obvious reasons people's minds immediately jump to wanting niche professional help in such serious matters. If someone is not quite experienced enough for your personal injury claim, you might be a few hundred pounds less-better-off in your compensation settlement. But if you get someone not on the ball for your criminal defence or immigration - your whole life is affected.

So are MGBe Legal any good? Well as we've added them to our referral network clearly we've already done the background leg work and decided we think they are. Here are a few of our reasons for doing so.

"Our lawyers provide clear, simple solutions tailored to your needs."

Most law firms will have such statements on their website. But until you've actually used the firm, how can you judge whether this is going to be true? One of the best resources for detailed information about a firm or an individual solicitor is their local or national Law Society. Thankfully MGBe Legal is registered with The Law Society of England & Wales which offers a wealth of information user-side.

If you check out the page for the firm's main immigration solicitor, Gabriella Bettiga, for example - you'll see that she does indeed specialise in a huge range of immigration matters. This includes Skilled Workers, Global Talent, Citizenship, Employers and Business Immigration, Family and Private Life applications, Appeals, Asylum and Human Rights, Deportation and Detention.

You'll can also check out how long she's been a qualified solicitor, the languages she speaks, and any accreditations. Law Society accrediations are not simply stamps given out for show either. There are actual standards set that have to be achieved. The page also lists Gabriella as a consultant for SLIG Law LLP, Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP, and Fadiga & Co Ltd. That in itself is a reliable bit of industry recommendation

"Solicitor qualified in England & Wales and in Italy, with extensive experience in immigration, nationality and asylum law. Accredited at Level 3 Advanced Caseworker with the Law Society. Author of numerous articles on EEA law and trainer with ILPA and HJT."

Dual qualifications across two countries with 15+ years of experience and top accreditations including Level 3 with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services). The list official recommendations for using MGBe Legal are therefore quite high. What about prior clients?

The legal industry is not the same as other such as retail when it comes to public reviews. Certainly you can usually find some comments from previous clients across the popular forums such as Google, Trustpilot, Yell.com, Yelp, etc. However whilst you may see hundreds of reviews about conveyancing firms - many specialist firms have very few. Any lack of reviews for a law firm does not reflect on the company. It's just that whilst people are quite willing to post about how bad or well their house sale went, they are far less likely to jump onto the internet to declare how their divorce, or criminal trial, or mental capacity claim is going.

"received a very helpful, detailed and accurate service"

"always available to answer all my questions at any time of the process"

"the service was prompt, efficient and accurate"

"very approachable and knowledgeable"

All the reviews we did find for MGBe Legal Immigration services were very positive. Most mentioned the depth of knowledge. This is reflected on the firm's website where the blog section contains actual help articles. If you've visited a few dozen law firm websites already today you'll have seen most use the News or Blog sections to write a couple of lines about a common news article followed by twenty paragraphs of more sales pitches about why you should use their services.

Not so with MGBe as their blog section articles seem genuinely intended to help with titles such as 'The 7 most common errors in EEA Permanent Residence applications' and 'For better or worse: the new Legal Aid Immigration contract'.

"Iíve been so lucky to find such an extraordinary professionalism and human availability, in helping me for several video calls, even the day before Xmas, for applying across the newest and complex Work Permit forms for EU citizens before Brexit, the 1 Jan 2021. The application has been successful approved in just 10 days!"

A quick note on general navigation while we're on the subject. After us praising The Law Society of England & Wales for having such a great site, we have noticed that they currently link to an outdated web address of www.gabriellabettigagroup.com which no longer takes you to a site about this firm. As mentioned, some bits of information we've gleaned from the web came through using the actual solicitor's name. Also, MGBe Legal is the trading name of M&G Bettiga Limited if you see it come up during your own research.

The main website is currently www.mgbelegal.com as we've linked to above. Please note that www.mgbelegal.co.uk does not redirect you there. With generic terms in the branding such as 'legal' we do often see people making mistakes such as searching for 'mgbe law' instead and trying various domains with those typos. So it may be an idea to bookmark the site

However, as this firm only deals with immigration and the site is https secure - we don't envisage any real problems with scammers. They tend to focus on property law firms trying to get clients to provide deposits to fraudulent bank accounts. Always be aware of what site you're on though and never discuss payments via email or if someone calls you up. If someone calls saying they are from your solicitor and need to discuss payments - you can always hang up and call the firm back on the official number you have on their documentation just to be sure.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with MGBe Legal it's best to visit the website (www.mgbelegal.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

MGBe Legal Ltd

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