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Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd Info

Hello. We are no longer partnered with Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd so the information below may be out of date. This page will be removed/replaced in due course. Please use the Solicitor Search box on the right to find an alternate firm in your area. Thank you.

Autologistic Solutions Ltd - Removed

For 18 years Auto Logistic Solutions have helped drivers following an accident by listening to their needs, removing the hassle and stress, and ensuring their customer's rights are upheld. Their aim is to be people's first choice for vehicle accident management.

Office Address: Suit 45-46, Lavenham Business Centre, Parsons Street, Removed, England, OL9 7AH
Web Address: Link removed. Click to see other solicitors in the area.
Email Address: enquiries@autologistic.co.uk
Phone Number: 0800 009 3297

Autologistic Solutions Limited on YouTube

Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd - Vehicle Accident Management: Review

One thing we've always prided ourselves on and something we often post about, is how the 1to1Legal network is setup to put you directly and instantly in touch with legal professionals experienced in your case type. We don't take your details and sell them to anyone. We don't act as a middle man. In fact, after entering your case type and postcode you can call straight through to any of the firms we recommend.

On social media you'll often see us talk about partnering with actual solicitors, "not CMCs" (claims management companies) too. So you're probably wondering whether we've dropped our standards, or if Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd is just an out-of-this-world service provider? Well, we'll never drop our standards and we've actually not tried ALS's services personally because it would be impossible for us to have enough car accidents to test out every single firm on our network.

Auto Logistic Solutions is simply something new to us and quite different, but which ended up making sense as an alternative option for people seeking help after an accident. For example, we still offer people a solicitor to handle their case even though a direct access barrister is likely to be cheaper. Therefore having someone on the network that handles even more parts of an accident scenario, just suddenly seemed logical. (No pun intended.)

Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd

Unless you have the most expensive and utterly inclusive insurance policy, most people will have to sort out or find separate people for their accident recovery, car hire, repairs, injury claim, etc. We ran a poll roughly six months ago asking people who thought they had "car hire" included in their insurance policy to actually check the policy or ring their insurer to find out if they actually did. 18.2% of people said that they were wrong. Sadly we didn't manage to get any extra details such as how much adding it to their policy would cost, or which insurers - but it seems nearly a fifth of people would have a nasty shock after an accident. Car hire is not cheap. Yes, you'll probably get it refunded after your case is settled 3-12 months later. But it's quite an expense to suddenly land in your lap. Especially if you're going to be off work due to injuries.

Anyway. I could probably go on and on about the problems with everything being separate. But that's my point. Until our social manager David bumped into someone from Auto Logistic Solutions online, it wasn't something we'd really put much thought in to. It's just the way things are. Or were.

"For 18 years the staff at Auto Logistic Solutions have helped drivers following a Road Traffic Accident."

If you're already done a bit of due diligence on the company, you'll have spotted that the firm's name brings up various public records stating a start date of mid-2010. That doesn't mean the 18 year statement is false. It's not uncommon for even law firms to state they have a 150 year history simply because their firm bought over another firm where the founder had a grandfather that owned a dog that liked the owner of practice nearby. Most online records regarding any firm will only tell you when they officially started going under that particular name or when they became a 'Limited' company.

Beyond those records though, there really isn't a lot of information online about Auto Logistic Solutions. Very little reviews on the regular boards. No press releases. No bake sales for charity covered in the local newspaper, etc. Even their own website provides just basic bullet points.

The main service we expect to be referring people to is the vehicle accident management service. For that they will help you with:

Recovery of your vehicle - if you are with a breakdown company, just like with insurance and car hire most people expect to be able to rely on their recovery service to come after an accident. Green Flag are currently running a TV ad campaign pointing out that this is not actually true of all recovery providers. Again you may want to call your currently provider and check if you have to be a certain distance from your home or if there is an extra fee relating to accident recovery.

Replacement Vehicle - as we've already mentioned, not every insurance policy provides this. Sorting out car hire yourself is costly, and often people will opt for the cheapest car despite their family/situation needs. ALS states quite a few times across their site about your right to have a like for like replacement vehicle.

Uninsured Loss Recovery - luckily since the late 90s people are more aware of their rights regarding claims and how they don't have to allow their insurance company to recover compensation for things like injuries and time off work. Again (and it's terrible that we're having to point this out but) many insurers put a surcharge in insurance policies for 'legal services', making you pay upfront to use their solicitors if you ever have an accident. We haven't met a solicitor yet that charges people to take a road accident case. We really, really recommend that you call your insurer and ask exactly what you're paying for and most times you can have the 'legal services' surcharge removed from your policy if it turns out they are charging you for something you can get free everywhere else. I can't remember the last time I spoke to someone who'd used their insurer's solicitors for an injury claim anyway?

Out of Pocket Expenses - everything from car hire, to smashed phones. If you had to pay for it because of the accident, you can claim it back along with the injury compensation.

Diminution - typically in the past this was mostly sought by people with classic, expensive, or rare cars. If it's possible that your car could be worth less after an accident even though it was repaired incredibly well - you can claim for the expected shortfall. Most people already know that severe damage is recorded in the car's history and even the most basic searches will tell a buyer when and what level. With everything so computerised these days and information being shared across all platforms and industries however, it may be that even small accidents might stick a red flag to your car sale in the future.

It is not uncommon to require at least three separate service providers to achieve all of the above. If you've got good insurance cover, it could be two. If you've got amazing insurance cover, it could be one. Remember though, that none of this would be doubling up on anything you currently have or are paying for - e.g. obviously keep your breakdown recovery cover because breakdowns are very different to accidents.

Hopefully those descriptions have helped you generally, not just for understanding what this particular firm does. There is a news section on Auto Logistic's website, but we'd call it more of a blog as it describes job vacancies, Christmas opening times, with a few non-internal matters such as an article about falling fuel prices. Other than that, the site talks alot about their 4Sight app which turns your phone into a dash cam. According to the site:

"The app will detect that you have been involved in an incident (and) will automatically save the last 15 seconds of your journey along with 5 seconds after the accident. This saved footage is sent along with an emergency alert to expert advisors who ... monitor and react instantaneously to all alerted incidents sent by your device which could include a lifesaving call to the emergency services. They will be able to pin point your exact location."

There is a YouTube video embedded into the official site with some more details, but mostly it is just looking to send you to the relevant App store. The App is free to download, but to actually use it fully the subscription is currently 99p a month. We plan on testing this out and writing a full review article later on.

If you haven't read any of our other review articles before this one, please do. Normally we would rummage through Ombudsman databases, mountains of consumer reviews, news articles, and dig around page 13 of search engine results looking for the information and points of view people might otherwise miss. We're usually far less colloquial and state the pros and cons of any firms along with genuine opinions that we think might be helpful. Quite often we get contacted by firms asking us to remove or reword things - so we must be doing something right!

The point is, for this firm, the basic information and pros and cons didn't seem like they'd be useful information under the circumstances. The reason this article has been built around side-information, anecdotes, and general consumer advice is because Auto Logistic Solutions are not a law firm. They are something different and sharing some of our near-twenty-years-worth of experiences with accidents and legal cases has hopefully provided you with more useful information than if we'd simply shared the firm's history.

"With 12,000 incidents happening every day, accidents happen more often than you think. When you consider there are 1 million uninsured drivers you can see the merits of having professional help. We will always ensure that your rights and needs are upheld and you receive the structure and response at the [sic] most difficult time. Let us remove all the hassle and stress ... Our aim is to be the customer's first choice for vehicle accident management."

So to answer the original question, no we haven't changed our position. We still have no intention of ever selling your details on to claims firms to be sold on and resold on. Hopefully that last little snippet from the Auto Logistic's website demonstrates how we came to the conclusion about this being a more encompassing service than other options we've provided. Even if you're at a stage in your claim where only the injuries are left to sort, I'm sure the staff would love to chat with you about the future. We could imagine people carrying around insurance, breakdown firm, and accident management cards in their wallet or purse. We fully expect to see this firm grow in the way it wants to and are happy to be part of that.

A quick word on navigation though. The official www.autologistic.co.uk web address is the one we've linked to above. Neither the www.autologistic.com version or the full name www.autologisticsolutions.co.uk / www.autologisticsolutions.com versions have actual websites on them. Because of the service provided, phishing and other scams are unlikely to be a huge issue. But for simplicity's sake it's probably a good idea to bookmark the site once on it if you're interested.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.autologistic.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Autologistic Solutions Limited

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