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Hello. This section below about Kudos Legal Ltd is scheduled for archiving and will eventually be removed. The information may therefore be out of date. There are more review articles here or you can use our Legal Help search box to find alternate firms in your area. Thank you for your patience.

Kudos Legal

Kudos Legal -

Kudos Legal is a firm of experienced solicitors with clients across the country and from all walks of life. Their specialist knowledge and dedication puts them in the best position to fight your case and ensure the best possible outcome. They promise an unparalleled level of service and initial consultations are free. No stone will be left unturned in pursuit of the compensation you are rightfully due.

Office Address: Suite 18, 204-206 Bath Street, , Scotland, G2 4HW
Web Address: Link unavailable. Click to see local map of alternatives >>
Email Address: enquiries@kudoslegal.co.uk
Phone Number: 07432 713799

Kudos Legal Solicitors on YouTube

Kudos Legal Ltd Solicitors in Glasgow and Preston: Review

At 1to1Legal we do our best to provide a good mix of firms for people to choose from when seeking a law firm. We include general law firms, niche practices, sole practitioners, barristers, accounting services, debt collectors and more as each can help with various legal matters in different ways. Because we don't take commissions for referring you, we have no bias as to which firm you select.

Kudos Legal is the type of firm we've recently trying to get on to the network though as they are essentially an 'international' law firm - being able to represent clients in both Scotland and England/Wales/Northern Ireland. Whilst joined together under the United Kingdom banner, Scotland has an individual legal system, NHS, and various government branches. Your preferred English law firm may not be the best choice for that highland cow holiday incident in Inverness.

So why did we invite Kudos Legal on board? As mentioned already, we think it's a big plus to have offices and qualified solicitors on both sides of the border with their location in Preston and one in Glasgow.

"Our knowledge, experience and dedication means we are the best to fight your case and ensure the best possible outcome for you."

It's a big claim, but certainly if you've already been through a dozen other firm's websites today - you'll have seem similar and even more outlandish sales pitches. So how can you check the background of any firm to see how their claims stack up? The first point of call we would recommend is The Law Society website. If you visit the page for this firm you'll see the qualified solicitors of their Preston office listed including everything from the 2009 qualified Yasin Bagas, right up to the fresh-faced Mitun Chauhan who qualified in 2018. We always recommend a good mix of experience versus new blood/ideas in a firm. If you click on the names of each person you'll see more information such as their specialist case types. For the Glasgow office you can check The Law Society of Scotland.

"You can rest assured that your case will be in good hands and will be handled by highly experienced experts."

Another very common marketing tactic amongst solicitors is to boast about ancient founding dates. For some reason, people really do feel that a firm stating 'established in 1882' must be a much better and a far more experienced firm than one which has only been running since 2015. However, during our 20+ years working with law firms we've come across all sorts of dubious versions of this. Including a firm stating a 150 year history based on having moved into the building of an older firm. (No, really.)

We guarantee you that there is no 200+ year old lawyer sat behind a desk with all the wisdom any legal professional could possibly have. A 1-year-old law firm could have a 40-year-experienced solicitor on it's staff. A 40-year-old law firm could assign you to a 1-year-experienced solicitor. So despite many law firms making a fuss of their heritage - in our opinion it's meaningless in relation to the experiece of the actual staff working there.

But what are the opinions of other people? Of course, Kudos Legal have testimonials on their website. However we tend to focus on third party independent review boards when doing our research which (according to our poll last year) is what most of you do as well with any company. Not just legal services.

- "... communicated well at each step of the claim"

- "Excellent service. I just want to say a big thank you to Rafaad for helping me deal with my contract enquiry."

- "big thanks to Rafaad for supporting me and dealing with everything so professionally! Kudos went above and beyond"

- "... does a amazing job and keeps you up to date"

On the whole very positive. A lot of staff being mentioned by name in the reviews too. The only issue when looking such things up is that there doesn't seem to be a clear separation between their Preston and Glasgow offices. For all we know, Glasgow are getting all the good reviews and Preston are simply average. We would hope that the firm's ethos carries across the company as a whole though:

"Our commitment to our clients is what truly sets us apart from other Solicitors."

We did have some issues navigating the site whilst writing this. Some sections kept flicking into broken coding when viewing the site on our phones/tablets. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. There are also several firms in the UK using the name 'Kudos' including Kudos Legal Services and Kudos Law Ltd which are both different organisations. There are also variants such as Kuddus Solicitors.

The official www.kudoslegal.co.uk website is linked to above and www.kudoslegal.com does not redirect to it. The website www.kudoslegalservices.co.uk popped up some searches we tried but that is for the alternative firm we mentioned before. There didn't seem to be a website for the London based Kudos Law Ltd. But with such variables around we would recommend bookmarking the correct site once you're on it just to be sure. Whilst scammers tend to target law firms that handle property matters, you never know what's around the corner.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Kudos Legal Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.kudoslegal.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Kudos Legal Solicitors

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