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Frank Rogers Law Ltd Info

Frank Rogers Law Wirral

Frank Rogers Law - Wirral

Frank Rogers Law are motoring offence specialists covering all Courts in England & Wales. They know that having the right support and representation early on can significantly improve your chances of a more favourable outcome. They handle the full range of matters including drink driving, failing to provide details, speeding, totting up, no insurance and mobile phone offences. Free 30 minute initial consultation.

Office Address: 3 Stadium Ct, Plantation Rd, Bromborough, Wirral, England, CH62 3QG
Web Address: https://frankrogerslaw.co.uk
Email Address: enquiries@frankrogerslaw.co.uk
Phone Number: 0151 601 3743

Frank Rogers Motoring Solicitor on YouTube

Frank Rogers Law Ltd - Motoring Offence Solicitor in Birkenhead: Review

It's a common misconception that general practice firms are always less able to handle a certain case type compared to a specialist. Whilst large firms may state a huge range of legal matters covered, they may well have individual specialists within the firm assigned to each area of law. Of course if you see a very small law practice or even a sole practitioner stating they cover a simply massive range of cases - it's reasonable to assume they might be taking on more than they can chew.

That needed to be made clear because we didn't add the Frank Rogers legal practice to our list of recommended firms simply because they specialise in one area of law (and therefore must be better). There are several other factors you should weigh up and research before settling on the person/firm that is right for you - no matter the size or speciality.

"Having the right support and representation at the earliest opportunity can significantly improve your chances of being found not guilty or achieve the best possible outcome and avoid you being banned from driving."

Frank Rogers Law Ltd

Most firms will have a statement like this one from the Frank Rogers website because it's absolutely true. But having worked with law firms for over 20+ years now, we know that experience is far more of a factor in success when it comes to motor offences. Failing to give driver identity information, speeding, totting up (when you've accumulated the maximum number of points), drink driving, driving with no insurance, using a mobile phone whilst driving and so on all have a range of options and mitigations.

"I have represented clients facing prosecution for driving offences throughout England & Wales during my whole career."

We knew Frank Rogers when he was with Kirwans, so are aware of his previous experience. But how do you find out more information about a firm if it's your first time ever coming across them? If you're feeling bold, just ask - even if it's just a quick email. Note that many law firm's websites will make a statement such as "40 years of experience within the firm" or "20 years of combined experience". This is sometimes blatant marketing jargon and simply means they added up the experience of everyone in the practice. For example, 5 solicitors x 4 years experience each = 20 years' experience. That's very different from your own solicitor have 20-40 years' of knowledge behind them.

You can usually look up the qualification dates and expertise of most solicitors on The Law Socienty's website. The page for this firm will provide you with several links to look information about the practice, people and cases worked on. There is a Law Society website for each area. One for Scotland, one for England/Wales, and one for Northern Ireland as each has quite separate legal setups. Frank Rogers is qualified to act within England & Wales.

"... a specialist driving offence solicitor knows how to present mitigating circumstances and can often get a penalty reduced or, avoid you being banned for any period of time."

One of the main searches online in this area is for 'loopholes' which is a concept we're not a fan of. It's something that gained prevalance after a number of celebrities (mostly premier league footballers) were breaking the law and getting away with it thanks to a lawyer nicknamed Mr Loophole by the press. Whilst Frank Rogers does state he knows those loopholes, that is absolutely not how most cases are 'won'.

"Notices of Intended Prosecution can be defective and if you do not understand how to deal with them, you can end up with points on your licence that could have been avoided."

Unlike many firms who want you to call and speak to them before they hit you with the bad news of how much it's going to cost - this firm's site has an entire page with clear prices and package descriptions of various scenarios. Please note that whilst some firms may say they work with Legal Aid, the restrictions on who actually merits that help are unbelievably tight. Make sure to find out first if you qualify before really getting in to things with that firm if Legal Aid is your only real option.

Also keep an eye out for whether a firm offers a free consultation with the actual qualified solicitor who may be running your case. This should be stated clearly on their website. If not, then it's likely you will have to pay up front to get any real advice. Do Frank Rogers offer this?

"Yes, we do, either by phone or, a Zoom video conference. This is limited to 30 minutes."

They also appear to have a genuine Blog section. Unfortunately most companies, not just in the legal industry, use the Blog section to create a dozen extra sales pitches disguised as news or thin information.

There aren't any step by step guides on how to handle a defence yourself. But basic matters such as "What Happens If You're Caught Speeding?", "What are the likely penalties for an SP30 offence?", and "How long do points stay on your licence?" are covered. Certainly if you can get these basic answers sorted first, you can get much more out of your free consultation. So that's good.

Frank Rogers has been running for some time now so there are many third party reviews on the regular boards such as Google, Yelp, Trustpilot and Yell. So what are they saying about the firm?

"honest, straight to the point and put me at ease"
"I was looking at prison time for a traffic offence and in the end got a community order"
"successful in appealing my guilty charge, and I thankfully didn't receive a ban"
"not judgemental in any way. He was fair and to the point"

Thankfully the comments are mostly informative with helpful details about what they liked about the service and the outcome. That's unusual for a law firm though, as many people tend to shy away from relating their personal legal struggles (and crimes!) on a public forum. So if you do ever see a law firm with only a handful of reviews - we don't think you should take that as a negative sign. It may just be that they have a lot of clients that don't want to share that part of their lives with everyone else.

We've linked to the official site www.frankrogerslaw.co.uk above. We saw that www.frankrogers.co.uk is a different firm dealing with property with neither www.frankrogerslaw.com or www.frankrogers.com having anything on them yet. It's always a good idea to bookmark a law firm's site if you plan to return to it. At the moment it's mainly property matters that are targeted by scammers. But you never know what fraudsters will think of next.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Frank Rogers Law Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.frankrogerslaw.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Frank Rogers Motoring Solicitor

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