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McEwan Fraser Legal Info

McEwan Fraser Legal - Edinburgh

McEwan Fraser Legal are award winning Solicitors and Estate Agents with offices across Scotland including Inverness, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. They specialise in residential and commercial property sales with a Property Matching database matching buyers and sellers with their ideal property. They are open weekdays from 8am-Midnight and 9am-10pm Sat/Sun. Use their Instant Property Valuation Tool to generate on online estimate in just 39 seconds.

Office Address: Claremont House, 130 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH7 4LB
Web Address: https://www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk
Email Address: email@mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk
Phone Number: 0131 524 9797

McEwan Fraser Legal Scotland on YouTube

McEwan Fraser Legal Property Conveyancing in Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Inverness: Review

If you've used our site before for either searching for legal help or to check an article on a firm you're already thinking of, you'll know that we tend to cover more 'fringe' firms that either focus on an intensely niche area of law or provide a unique service.

It may surprise you therefore to see us recommending and writing about McEwan Fraser Legal who, on the face of it, appear to be a regular high-street-styled property firm. However, McEwan Fraser Legal actually are out of the ordinary when it comes to the things we tend to commend other firm for.

"Scotland's Award-Winning Solicitors and Estate Agents"

McEwan Fraser Legal

You'll see a simply huge number of law firms state they are award winning. (Please search for Rhod Gilbert's rant on award winning mince pies to more understand how we feel about the issue.) We ran a poll a few years back asking people whether they actually checked up on which awards a firm claims to have won. The number of you doing so was in single digits. For all you know, the awards this firm have won are 'best logo design' or 'nice employer'. Neither of which would impress you enough to use their actual services would it?

McEwan Fraser Legal on the other hand state very clearly underneath their Award-Winning claim what awards have been won. Both in text and with little badges further down the page. This includes Best Estate Agent Edinburgh and Scotland (AllAgents 2020) and Best Estate Agency in Scotland (Sunday Times),

"We specialise in the sale of both residential and commercial properties."

Unfortunately when writing about firms in Scotland we're not in as good a position to provide more indepth details about the firm so readily. The Law Society of England & Wales have an amazing website that provides a huge amount of data user-side. The Scottish and Irish versions, not so much. Whilst MFL are mentioned in the England & Wales database, they are not actually based down there so full information is sadly not provided.

There is a huge amount of public reviews about the firm though. That's not uncommon when it comes to property firms as most people feel comfortable announcing if their house sale went good or bad. Firms that deal in divorce or bankruptcy tend not to have many public reviews about how things went.

"The service they provide is second to none, particularly the out of hours, 7 days a week availability"

"very quick to respond to queries"

"positive attitude and always answered our calls and kept us up to date"

"Despite being very busy and with what ended up being quite a complex mortgage they helped us greatly."

What is uncommon is the fact the majority of their reviews are positive. They have over 500+ reviews on Google at the time of writing this but still over a 4 star rating. That's quite unheard of. Two other property firms we recommend on our site and who we think do a great job have only 2-3 star ratings.

This is because a huge number of people have a bad experience selling/buying a property in England for obvious reasons. Therefore firms that cover nationwide across the UK will have a huge amount of negative reviews about how they didn't stop a seller/buyer pulling out or delaying things - when in reality there is very little that solicitor could have done. Still, people are generally unsatisfied about the length of time it takes to buy or sell a property so negative comments abound. To keep over 4 stars takes some doing. It's certainly something to bear in mind when checking out alternatives.

"Open weekdays from 8am - Midnight and 9am - 10pm on Saturday and Sunday."

Again, another thing which the legal industry is very, very slowly changing and which we have advocated for so long - a move away from the 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri only hours. You would think these days that even 'stuffy', 'living-in-the-past', 'antiquated' (three words we've seen used numerous times by reviewers on the matter) people like solicitors could get their heads around the idea that even one extra Saturday morning open every second week would dramatically help their heavily working clients. But you'd be wrong.

Such availability by McEwan Fraser during a very stressful process hasn't gone un-noticed as you'll read in most of the comments across review boards such as Trustpilot, Yell.com, Yelp and Google. They also have an online valuation tool. But that's something we're not totally sold on.

"Use our Instant Property Valuation Tool to get an instant, online estimate of what your property in 39 seconds!"

It sounds good, and it works as described. We tried it with a few of our own home addresses and the quotes were in the ball park. However, one of the properties showed a possible selling margin of £60,000 difference between a high and low estimate. And that was only on a £260,000 house. For all of our quick quotes, we would each have had to call up after to get a proper idea of how much the property might sell for. This therefore came across as a little gimmicky.

But considering they cover pratically everything else we really like a firm to do: transparency over claims such as awards, out of hours services, proper staff profiles, engaging with online forums, a range of contact methods, etc. - that's quite a small niggle.

A quick word on navigation. The official site is www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk and currently www.mcewanfraserlegal.com does not redirect you there. The only common issue we've seen in the search stats is the mis-spelling of 'mckewan' rather than 'mcewan'. No-one seems to go for 'macewan' or hyphenated versions of the domain. Plus, the generic term 'legal' which can often cause confusion when part of a solicitor's name is actually a solid part of their branding. Either way www.mcewanfraser.co.uk and www.mcewanfraser.com are also not currently being used.

As the firm deals with property matters, this raises the possibility of scams which are on the rise despite the huge number of news articles and warnings out there. It's probably a good idea to bookmark the site once you're on it. Also be aware that it's very easy to spoof the 'Sender:' in an email. We could send you an email today that looks as though it was sent from an official @mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk email address with just the basic email software we have here. If anyone emails or phones you about payments or bank details - do not respond. Phone the official number in the headed paper you've already been sent out and ask about it.

"Our staff are fluent in 10 foreign languages to deal with our growing number of international buyer enquiries."

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with McEwan Fraser Legal it's best to visit the website (www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

McEwan Fraser Legal Scotland

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