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Trojan Solicitors Ltd Info

Trojan Solicitors - London

Trojan Solicitors specialise in Immigration, Employment, and Family Law matters. With so many huge changes in these areas of law, you need an expert firm that takes time to listen and understand your particular situation as well as the outcome you're looking for. Trojan Solicitors have an experienced team dedicated to providing prompt, practical, and authoritative legal advice. Based in the heart of London only 2 mins from Liverpool Street Station.

Office Address: 63 St Mary Axe, London, Greater London, EC3A 8AA
Web Address: https://www.trojansolicitors.com
Email Address: info@trojansolicitors.com
Phone Number: 020 786 73973

Trojan Solicitors on YouTube

Trojan Solicitors Ltd Immigration & Family Law in London: Review

In our articles and in the legal help search database we try to cover and include a wide range of solutions. These days the high-street-solicitor is not the only option available to people to resolve certain issues. For example, for many years now people have been able to hire a barrister direct through the new Public Access scheme. Before that point you had to get a solicitor who would then hire a barrister on your behalf to represent you in court.

There have been several other good advancements in the industry such as no win, no fee agreements. But aside from the various options of legal professionals, there are also options between using a large general practice firm, a smaller specialist, local versus national advice, and more. The firm we're writing about today, Trojan Solicitors, first stood out to us as being an Immigration specialist.

"We have expertise at all levels of immigration."

Trojan Solicitors Ltd

Reading through the firm's website there are several statements like this along with clarifications about how well they are acquainted with the immigration system in the UK. However you'll also see they handle a few other case types including Family Law and Civil Litigation. Does this make them not a 'specialist' firm then? They're certainly not a general practice firm covering every single type of case though.

"Newly established but full of experience law firm fully focused on its clients."

First, this statement about the firm being new (we're talking years, not weeks old) might go some way to explaining the firm's case choices and organisation. In those ancient times before the years began starting with a 20--, firms typically were either general practice or were known for a single case type.

These days there's a huge number of firms who have chosen to focus on a handful of sometimes completely unrelated case types such as bankruptcy and probate together. Thanks to the creation of the internet and the resulting modern day marketing - such firms can reach the audience they WANT to serve rather than having to cater to the audience in their immediate locality.

"In the fast changing, increasingly complex and highly politicised area of Immigration Law ..."

Again as a new firm who have chosen to handle immigration issues we would therefore expect Trojan's lawyers to be very diligent and kept up to date. Since Brexit, having a lawyer with genuine enthusaism and care for immigration matters is not just beneficial - but practically imperative.

As mentioned before though, whilst the firm is 'new' (having gone Limited in 2018) we take that as a potentially positive attribute. For some reason, whilst 'new' companies in other industries such as fashion, food, or technology are sought after - the legal industry is one where people expect the words 'established in 1881' carved in stone above the office doorway.

Sadly, many firms in the legal industry still chase the most tenous links possible to local history to make these 'established in ...' claims as if they mean something. Whilst I don't think the public are naive enough to think there are 200 year old solicitors working within these law offices - it can push forward the idea that such a firm has more experience than a newer firm. The honest truth, however, is that you could end up with a 1-year-qualified solicitor from a 200-year-old firm. You could also get a 40-year-experienced solicitor from a 1-year-old firm.

"Our team is dedicated to providing prompt, practical and authoritative legal advice."

Most law firms make claims such as this about their staff, stating they are experts and usually something about extensive experience as well. Luckily for potential clients in England and Wales, the local law society covering those countries is the best we've seen. They provide a huge amount of user-side data about the law firms registered with them including alternate trading names, other office addresses, extra contact details, and so on.

Most importantly, they also provide a list of solicitors within each firm along with their qualifying dates. That means you can actually look up how many years each staff member has been a solicitor AND see the case types they specialise in. For Trojan they list Agnieszka Tomasikiewicz as having qualified in 2012 and Rameez Dar in 2017.

Agnieszka is listed as an Immigration specialist and has extra accrediation for such matters from the Law Society as well. Rameez is listed as focusing on Civil Litigation and Family Law. Which brings us neatly back to our original question about when is a firm a 'specialist' and when it is 'multi-practice'. Thanks to the Law Society database you can check independently whether the individual solicitor you're thinking of using is a specialist in a certain area of law or is trying to handle a huge number of case types instead.

"The delivery of our services is centered on specialist practice areas ensuring our clients receive an expert and excellent service."

So even though Trojan Solicitors state a range of case types being handled, they are not all handled by all the solicitors within the firm. To us at least, that makes such firms where they have individual solicitors handling certain case types still very much a 'specialist'. As mentioned before - when it comes to Immigration these days it's probably a very good idea to make sure your lawyer is a specialist.

"Our aim is to build long standing relationships with everyone we work with and to ensure we take the time to listen, understand and do our utmost to achieve the outcome you require."

The most popular tools people use when researching a firm are the review boards such as Google, Yell.com, Trustpilot, Yelp, etc. This firm does list customer testimonials on their website:

"first class service, excellent interpersonal skills, highly analytical"

"They always advised me of the perfect route"

"thorough professionalism throughout our case so far"

Naturally, testimonials on company websites are always positive and rarely (we've seen it twice in 20 years of reviewing law firm websites) do they post the less favourable comments as well. That might be the reason only 8% of you voted in our poll last year saying you trust company posted testimonials.

The legal services industry is a tough one for third party public review forums though because people are not as likely to discuss their experience of the legal system as easily as they share restaurant reviews. For example, if you've just been through a messy divorce, sued your employer, or declared bankruptcy - your first thought isn't going to be about sharing it with the world. So when you see very few or even zero reviews for a law practice - that's not a negative sign.

"reliable and professional service of my case"

"called to keep my wife informed about everything"

"professional and efficient"

"grateful as we had lost all hope of recovery any money"

Trojan's services do have several positive reviews across the usual boards at time of writing, from which the above are snippets. Indeed as you can probably tell from our article - we're quite impressed with the firm in it's setup, focus, and site language. Whilst we normally haven't used the firms we write about to handle a case for us (obviously, as we review hundreds of law firms) we will have at least interacted and/or worked with some of the staff.

That's not to say there weren't things we were't so keen on. For example, they claim to be "award-winning" on their front page but there was no real clarity about what those awards are. That always bothers us and we think it's far too common a practice across all industries. Rhod Gilbert's award winning mince pie rant very much relates to how we feel on the subject. For all we know the awards all these solicitors are boasting about could be very old or have nothing to do with legal expertise - e.g. they won 'best company logo 1999'.

A quick note on navigation. The branding is fairly straightfoward and stable so when you search for the various common phrases the correct firm shows up. There is a firm called 'trojan law ltd' also based in London, however we saw no apparent website for them to confuse matters. The official site we link to above is www.trojansolicitors.com but currently www.trojansolicitors.co.uk does not redirect there.

Concerns about related domain names and online searches are really only urgent when it comes to property matters for the moment. Millions and millions have been lost worldwide by people sending property deposits to fraudulent bank accounts. The majority did so simply because they received an email that told them the bank details for their solicitor had changed. You never know what scammers will come up with next though, so just keep aware.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Trojan Solicitors Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.trojansolicitors.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Trojan Solicitors

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