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Youngs Solicitors - Stoke on Trent

As one of the leading and longest established solicitors in Stoke-on-Trent, Youngs have helped thousands of people move home, navigate their divorce, obtain injury compensation, and defend against criminal charges. Their experienced team consists of Law Society accredited specialists who constantly strive for the highest standards. They are also able to offer advice under Legal Aid for some Family, Mental Health, and Criminal matters. For full transparency their fees are listed directly on their website.

Office Address: Edward House, Uttoxeter Road, Longton, Stoke on Trent, England, ST3 1NZ
Web Address: https://youngs.law
Email Address: info@youngs.law
Phone Number: 01782 339 200

Young & Co Solicitors on YouTube

Youngs Solicitors - Young & Co Solicitors Ltd in Longton (Stoke on Trent): Review

This is the final article in our series on this law group and it covers the main, sort of 'parent', branding within the Youngs Solicitors' setup. Each individual office they manage has kept a local, recognisable name with their own website and case range. As we've said before, that should really provide a best-of-both-worlds situation where clients get the personalised services they'd expect from a local firm, but with the resources of a much larger organisation behind them. So what key points stood out about the Young's setup?

"Our team consists of The Law Society accredited specialist Family law solicitors, Care solicitors, Criminal solicitors, and Mental Health solicitors. We also hold CQS, The Law Society's quality mark for legal experts in buying or selling property and are trusted by some of the UK's biggest lenders."

To most people that list of accreditations may mean nothing, but it will still sound quite impressive. Certainly The Law Society doesn't just hand them out to every practice that joins their network, and seeing a Law Society accreditation mark on a law firm's website can certainly indicate they keep a very high level of standards

Youngs Solicitors

Normally we also praise The Law Society of England & Wales for their incredibly useful website (which is definitely is) but they seem to have dropped the ball a bit when it came to Youngs database entries. The pages about this firm are quite mixed up with every office being called Young & Co Solicitors but with contact details and web addresses of alternative brandings mixed in such as Swain & Co's web address. First thing to note of course is that Young & Co Solicitors is the official company name and Youngs Solicitors is simply how the branding is written. It's the same firm.

The English/Welsh law society site is still a simply indispensable resource for background and deeper information about any law office you are considering. They list related trading names, all office locations, languanges spoken, case types handled, and even the years qualified and areas of law targeted by each individual solicitor within a firm. That information is thankfully intact. Currently the Stoke on Trent entry for Young & Co lists staff who joined the profession in each of the last four decades: including Phillipa Connolly who qualified in 1987, Nadine Forrester (qualified 1992), Nazia Zubair (2008), right up to Mary-Anne Beedle who because a solicitor in 2014.

"Our specialisation in our key areas make us experts rather than 'jack of all trades'."

Areas of law that a firm handles is also something you can usually confirm on the Law Society website, right down to each individual solicitor's chosen areas of practice. It may seem odd for a legal practice to claim they are 'specialists' when they list a wide range of case types handled at the firm. There are essentially three ways a case range will be set up for any firm though. The whole firm and all staff can focus on a single area of law such as Motoring Offences - that's obvious specialism. Second, would be when the solicitors at the firm try to handle all the case types - (the 'jack of all trades' label). Third you have firms where each solicitor within the firm has their own specialty. So it's essentially a collection of specialists within one office.

"We pride ourselves in putting the client interest at the heart of everything we do."

Every law firm will make statements like this but really most people want to see prior client comments to find out whether they felt 'put at the heart of everything' Young & Co did. The firm doesn't list testimonials on their website, but that's fine. As our poll last year indicated - only 8% of people seemed to take company provided testimonials into account when making up their minds about a firm.

At the bottom of some of the pages on the Youngs website they link to their independent review boards on Google and Trustpilot. At the time we checked, they were clickable images rather than live counters - so were slightly off the actual average ratings on each. However this is still a very confident move because linking through to third party sites for people to view comments about your firm has quite an element of risk. So (between the lines) we can assume they are fairly confident about what people are going to say about them.

"updated regularly every step of the way"

"Made problems go away"

"nothing seemed to much trouble"

"they have been more then i could have asked for"

Those snippets are from some of the most common boards which are Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, and Yelp. The majority are very positive. The only negative comments we saw related to the length of time a house sale took. This is something we've covered before in our articles and is one of the main reasons we urge people to read through the actual comments rather than simply check average star ratings.

Practically every law firm that handles property matters has negative reviews about their handling of it. That's because practically every house purchase/sale in England and Wales takes longer and is more complicated than the buyer/seller wants. There are a huge number of things that can go wrong which are completely out of your solicitor's control. We've even seen negative reviews by the clients on the opposite side of a sale/purchase who have been told that it's the other person's solicitor that's causing the problem. We have zero hesitation in recommending that you ignore such comments.

"Public Funding or 'Legal aid' is available for Care Proceedings and Domestic Violence/Domestic Abuse/injunctions (where financially eligible)."

This is actually a much more impressive statement than you might think. Since the '90s the government has made an increasing effort to strip Legal Aid bare. The number of case types it covers is almost as small as the number of people that can claim the help these days. Most importantly, it does not pay out an up to date payment rate for solicitors. Therefore most of them refuse to work with Legal Aid. The situation is almost as bad as trying to find and NHS dentist in this country. So any firm that still works with Legal Aid gets a few extra brownie points from us

Certainly we may sound very 'pro' Young & Co Solicitors with this articles. Of course, as they have been added to our database of firms we already clearly think they have considerable merit. That doesn't mean we love everything about them. It's just that we try to focus on more general discussions about ways to check and things to watch for that can be applied to most law offices generally. At the time of writing there were a few things on their website we thought could be better for clients. For example, providing some easily accessible staff profiles, photos, and direct contact details of each individual solicitor. That's been a huge change in the industry that most firms haven embraced, and we encourage every law firm to provide such to this new Instagram/Facebook-loving generation.

"Our main office is in Longton. We have branch offices in Newcastle-under-Lyme (trading as Cooks Solicitors) and in Aylesford, Kent (trading as David Stinson & Co)."

A quick note on navigation as you may have noticed there are four brandings in total amongst this firm but with Youngs being the central focus. For example all the logos are individual for each branding, but they all have a little "Y" on them. Each branding has it's own local office and website too. The official website for Young & Co is www.youngs.law with www.youngs.co.uk being for a brewery and www.youngs.com not having any website at all. Please note that you can't have an ampersand (&) in a web address so anything like www.young&co.law will not exist. But even variants such www.youngandco.co.uk are owned by different firms. It's quite a common company name really, so make sure you are on the correct site.

Why is that so important to discuss? Because for over a decade now, people have been handing tens of thousands of pounds of their housing deposit over to fraudsters over simple scams and errors. Sometimes it's as little as having received an official looking email that said the bank details for payment have changed. So because Young and Co deal with conveyancing, it is hugely important to make sure you are on the correct website and never discuss payments via email.

"We believe in transparency and therefore list our fees on our website. This is so our clients are aware of how much we are going to charge them in from the outset."

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Youngs Solicitors it's best to visit the website (www.youngs.law), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Young & Co Solicitors

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