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A2 Solicitors LLP Info:

A2 Solicitors LLPName: A2 Solicitors LLP
Address: 3 Baillie Street, Rochdale, OL16 1JJ
Tel: 01706 343322
Email: paul@a2solicitorsllp.co.uk
Web: https://www.a2solicitorsllp.co.uk/

Site Title: A2 Solicitors | Personal injury, Accident Claims and Property Solicitors

Description Snippet: "A2 Solicitors has been an established Legal Practice in Rochdale since 2003, the Practice was originally named A2 Accident Solicitors until a name change to A2 Solicitors LLP as the business developed and diversified. Both of the Partners within the Practice, Mr Paul Ackroyd and Mr Christopher Bracey have always lived and worked locally. They also each have more than 20 years’ experience in the Personal Injury sector, this has led to them both becoming very experienced in all types of accident and injury claims. Chris has achieved the status of being awarded Senior Litigator within the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, details can be found ..." read more >>

The Law Society Details for A2 Solicitors LLP:

%%urlname%% on The Law SocietyType:Recognised body law practice
SRA ID:565131
SRA Regulated
A2 Solicitors LLP - Profile
Tel:01706 34 33 22
Email: paul@a2solicitorsllp.co.uk
Head Office Address: 3 Baillie Street,
OL16 1JJ

Solicitors listed as being with this firm:

Paul Anthony Ackroyd - Admitted as a solicitor on 17/08/92
Christopher Bracey - Admitted as a solicitor on 15/09/98

Areas of practice at this firm:

Conveyancing - residential
Conveyancing Quality Scheme
Litigation - general
Personal injury

Languages spoken at this organisation: English

Details Returned by Companies House for A2 Solicitors LLP:

%%urlname%% at Companies HouseRegistered office address: 3 Baillie Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 1JJ
Company status: Active
Company type: Limited liability partnership
Incorporated on: 1 August 2011
Previous company names: A2 ACCIDENT SOLICITORS LLP 01 Aug 2011 - 30 Sep 2011

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A2 Solicitors | Personal injury, Accident Claims and Property Solicitors

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