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A M Strachan & Company Info:

A M Strachan & CompanyName: A M Strachan & Company
Address: 67 Falkirk Street, London, N1 6SD
Tel: 020 7729 0003
Email: office@amstrachan.com
Web: http://amstrachan.com/

Site Title: Welcome to AM Strachan & Co, Solicitors

Description Snippet: "Welcome to AM Strachan & Co, Solicitors. The Firm opened in 1978 originally as part of a larger Partnership, consolidated in Hoxton in 1988. We pride ourselves with providing high quality legal services to the public and work with our clients to obtain the best outcomes possible. We are able to offer advice, assistance and representation in all areas of : Personal Injury Litigation Civil Litigation Wills and ..." read more >>

The Law Society Details for A M Strachan & Company:

A M Strachan & Company on The Law SocietyType:Recognised sole practice law practice
SRA ID:56001
SRA Regulated
Tel:0207 729 0003
Email: office@amstrachan.co.uk
Head Office Address: 67 Falkirk Street,
N1 6SD

Areas of practice at this firm:

Commercial litigation
Crime - fraud
Criminal Litigation
Crime - general
Licensing gaming and betting
Litigation - general
Personal injury
Private client - Probate
Private client - Wills

Solicitors listed as being with this firm:

Jeff Christopher Durrant - Admitted as a solicitor on 15/06/04
Alisdair Macgregor Strachan - Admitted as a solicitor on 01/12/73

Languages spoken at this organisation: English

Details Returned by Companies House for A M Strachan & Company:

A M Strachan & Company at Companies House[No results returned.]

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A M Strachan & Company Reviews:

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Welcome to AM Strachan & Co, Solicitors

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The legal profession remained divided between barristers (or abhc x idí in Irish) and solicitors (or aturnaetha in Irish). The Family Division is comparatively modern. The court performance target is that cases committed for sentence should be heard within 10 weeks. The Solicitors Compensation Fund accepted 1,321 claims and paid out £18.54 million to those which were successful. International Courts are permanent tribunals judging by International laws and treaties, also when these norms are on civil and commercial matters. A community sentence would usually consist of community payback, a duty to work between 40 and 300 hours unpaid in the community. Family cases are no longer heard by the magistrates' courts, instead being heard by the single Family Court established by the 2014 Act. On the federal level, departmental solicitors remain in the Department of Labor, Department of the Interior, and the Patent & Trademark Office. Its decisions are binding on all courts, including itself, apart from the Supreme Court.

If the magistrates consider that an either way offence is too serious for them to deal with, they may "decline jurisdiction" which means that the defendant will have to appear in the Crown Court. In developing countries like India, a large majority of law students never actually practice, but simply use their law degree as a foundation for careers in other fields. Some countries admit and regulate lawyers at the national level, so that a lawyer, once licensed, can argue cases in any court in the land. Indictable offences, very serious crimes, will be sent to the Crown Court. Since 2014, England and Wales have had what is officially described as "a single civil court" named the County Court, with unlimited financial jurisdiction. In Pakistan, the term "Advocate" is used instead of lawyer in The Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973.

Some courts, such as the Crown Court in England and Wales may have both trial and appellate jurisdictions. The Family Division has faced criticism by allowing allegedly abusive partners to cross-examine their former partners; a procedure already banned in criminal procedure. A. There are seven County Court divisions in Northern Ireland. In many jurisdictions the judicial branch has the power to change laws through the process of judicial review. The first exam is a theoretical exam, and is required for university graduation. Cases are heard by a bench of three (or occasionally two) lay judges, or by a paid district judge; there is no jury at a magistrates' court. maintain their honorific title of barristers.


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