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Hello. We are no longer partnered with DV Solicitors so the information below may be out of date. This page will be removed/replaced in due course. Please use the Solicitor Search box on the right to find an alternate firm in your area. Thank you.

DV Solicitors - Bedford

DV Solicitors are an award winning firm handling a range of legal matters for both businesses and individuals. Built on a foundation of trust, the firm is a strong believer in giving back to their local community. They promise a high level of client care and you can book an appointment online. Offices in Luton and Bedford.

Office Address: 11 Lurke Street, Bedford, England, MK40 3HZ
Web Address: https://www.dvsolicitors.com
Email Address: info@dvsolicitors.com
Phone Number: 01234 350244

DV Solicitors - Removed

DV Solicitors are an award winning firm covering a range of matters for both businesses and individuals. The firm is a strong believer in giving back to their local community and promise a high level of client care. Offices in Luton and Bedford. Appointments can be booked online.

Office Address: Brittanic House, 18-20 Dunstable Road, Removed, England, LU1 1DY
Web Address: Link removed. Click to see other solicitors in the area.
Email Address: info@dvsolicitors.com
Phone Number: 01234 350244

Deo Volente Legal on YouTube

DV Solicitors (Deo Volente Legal LLP) Law Firm in Bedford & Luton: Review

If you've used our site before or read through any of our articles, you may have noticed that we're not a regular directory just cramming in every high street firm. We try to offer varied legal service options across a wide range of case types. Not every case requires a solicitor at a huge law firm.

For example in tax/HMRC matters you may save a lot of time and money by using an accountant rather than a law firm if your type of case allows such. For motor offence court cases you may be better off with a Direct Access barrister. Debt recovery is another area where using a specialist non-solicitor-based company could be a better solution for your particular needs.

"Deo Volente have been providing personalised, pragmatic services to a diverse portfolio of clients for over 7 years."

DV Solicitors

DV Solicitors came up as a good firm to be added to our database because at the time we were searching for firms that could handle cases in the UK and abroad in various countries such as USA, Spain, Italy and so on. The statement about having served clients for seven years though may make them sound quite new compared to the hundreds of law firms boasting founding dates in the 1800s and beyond.

However these ancient establishment date claims are mostly just marketing. The idea being that people imagine a 200 year old amount of experience within a firm simply because their branding has existed for that long. But there are no 200 year old solicitors imparting wisdom. You may get a one year qualified solicitor from a 200 year old firm. You may get a forty year experienced solicitor from a law firm brand that started up yesterday.

"Our top-notch legal services are not limited to UK residents, but we are also delivering superior legal affair services for Pakistani citizens."

As just mentioned, we were looking for firms with international reach. With so many Pakistan citizens within the UK, making sure we would offer a firm such as Deo Volente to them seemed a no brainer. They currently have two offices in Beford and Luton covering typical items that can require long-distance reach and knowledge such as Family Issues, Land Disputes, Property Transfers, and Financial Matters.

As also mentioned above, the firm's branding may only have seven years behind it but the solicitors within the firm have much more than that. It's a useful tip to pay a visit to any firm's local law society whether national, county, or city level. The Law Society of England & Wales is a simply excellent resources for background research. Far better than most others we've used.

"We create value for our clients, our people and our community"

If you check out the page they have on this firm you'll be presented with a wealth of details such as alternative trading names, other contact details, staff information, niche case types, and so on. Most interesting to us though are the qualifying dates of the legal professionals within the firm as these can provide an insight into the general levels of expertise and experience that can be expected.

For example they have solicitor Dorothy Turner with a qualifying date back in 1985. Followed by solicitors coming into the industry in almost every decade since including Alexander Ude (qualified in 2001) right up to the practically 'green' Angel Masih who recently qualified in 2018. A good mix of seasoned wisdom alongside new fresh blood. Something you'd like to see in any legal practice you're thinking of using.

"People rely on us, and we pride ourselves on our client-centered advocacy and representation."

The firm does have the usual testimonial page and it contains the usual types of testimonials you see on most other sites as well. Such as:

"have gone beyond and above in all areas of our transaction"

"an immense pleasure to acquire your proficient services"

"carried out all the required responsibilities efficiently"

Those are snippets from much longer pieces but you get the idea. Most people (according to our poll a couple of years ago) don't trust company testimonial pages. Not just in the legal industry either, but generally. They prefer to source reviews from independent review forums such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Yell, Yelp, etc. But those are all very positive too.

That's quite a feat for a firm that handles property matters because typically most people wish their house sale could have gone smoother or faster or they believe they could have gotten a better deal. Reviews for property firms are therefore usually much lower than those for firms covering any other type of matter. So it's an unusual but good sign.

"always responds very promptly to any questions"

"Kept us well informed every step of the way."

"efficient, working tirelessly, answering all our questions constantly even late evenings"

Whenever checking out third party boards make sure to read reviews rather than trust just the star ratings. A few articles back we covered a law firm that had a 5 star review for being such a great dog-friendly restaurant. We've also seen negative reviews against a criminal law firm for refusing to take on someone's divorce case. We've even had a negative review for contributing to the UK's 'capitalist regime'.

DV Solicitors have other positive points. We didn't just add them because of some positive reviews and the fact they handle cases in Pakistan. For example their Blog section is not just another excuse to push out extra sales pitches. They have a range of articles clearly meant to help out people with the basics. There are titles such as 'How Brexit is going to Affect the Immigration Policies for the UK (2021)', 'Cryptocurrency and Wills', and 'How to Video-Witness a Will'.

A quite note on navigation though as the branding does switch between DV and DEO Volente throughout. The official website we link to above is www.dvsolicitors.com and at the time of writing www.dvsolicitors.co.uk also redirects you there. However both www.deovolente.com and www.deovolente.co.uk are owned by other firms. This is important because the firm handles property matters which have been the subject of increased scams over the past few years.

People have handed over millions to fraudsters sometimes on the basis of just a few official looking emails. Never discuss payments or bank details over email. One last snippet from the firm's site:

"We are here to offer all the expertise and support you will need"

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with DV Solicitors it's best to visit the website (www.dvsolicitors.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Deo Volente Legal

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