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Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents Info

Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents - Glasgow

Fulton's is a specialist firm focused on Conveyancing, Wills and Power of Attorney matters and have been serving people locally across Glasgow from their offices in Mount Florida and Clarkston. The majority of their clients are recommended by word of mouth. Their experienced and professional team promise dependable services with a high level of expertise.

Office Address: 1087 Cathcart Road, Mount Florida, Glasgow, Scotland, G42 9XP
Web Address: https://www.fultons-scotland.co.uk
Email Address: dhumphrey@fultonslaw.co.uk
Phone Number: 0141 632 2248

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Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents in Clarkston & Mount Florida, Glasgow: Review

If you've read through some of our other review articles you'll probably have noticed that we praise the good amount of publicly available information about law firms in England & Wales versus those in Scotland. Despite not being overly 'nationalised' about most things, this is something we do feel a little frustrated at.

Being a Peterhead-based firm ourselves it's a tough thing to see even the basics such as Law Society databases being so much clearer and informative south of the border. For example in the case of the firm we're writing about today (Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents) we couldn't find a dedicated page on the Law Society of Scotland's website. Just some search results

"We have been helping our clients from our base in the south side of Glasgow for many years."

Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents

That's a line quoted from the Fulton's website and most firms will have a tag line like that about their experience or years active. However we've noticed some of them using more vague statements or even marketing jargon to obscure facts. If a firm says 'we've been helping people for over thirty years' that seems very clear. But if a firm states 'we have thirty years of combined experience within the firm' - that could mean ten members of staff with just three years of experience each. (10x3=30) So do pay attention to wording.

"Our experienced team is both dependable and professional."

When we see statements like this one when putting together an article on a more southern firm, we can simply go to the England/Wales Law Society website and look up the experience levels and specialties of the solicitors working there. As that information isn't readily available in Scotland (yet) we have to do a bit more digging. There are news articles about Fultons being bought over by a firm called Gildeas not too long ago. A quote from one article says:

"The deal will see Gildeas expand its total workforce by 13 to 77 and represents a landmark first acquisition for the firm, which has offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as it celebrates its 30th birthday in 2019."

Certainly that sounds very positive as (at the very least) the firm taking over must have a considerable, successful history as a legal practice in the area. So what about the staff at Fulton's Estate Agents themselves? Well according to the site's About Us page the firm started off as Hamilton, Burns and Moore back in the 1970s with the titular solicitor Mr Fulton joining the firm in 1978. So from that it looks like we have two firms with clear experience and establishment in the area coming together which naturally sounds very promising.

"Many of our clients choose Fulton's because they have used us before, or because a family member or friend has recommended us."

This subsequent claim from the firm's website is also a type you will see on practically every other solicitor's site as well. The research people do to confirm company statements about customer care usually involves public review boards such as Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Of course many firms post testimonials themselves on their site. Fultons do not seem to have done so, but that's not really a big issue considering that in our poll last year where we asked people how much they trusted customer testimonials on company websites - only 8% said they took them into consideration.

One thing to watch out for when going through reviews for conveyancing firms is to always read the actual review comments. Don't just flick through star ratings. That's because the majority of conveyancing firms have negative reviews. The biggest conveyancer in the UK which we reviewed last week has a Google rating of just 3.1 stars at the time of writing. Many low ratings can simply be from people who wished their house sale had gone faster. Plus in England/Wales house sales can fall through right at the last minute through no fault of the solicitor, but they will often get the bad review anyway.

You'll may also see negative reviews from people who weren't even using the reviewed firm's services. For example, if a solicitor has a client who pulls out of a deal last minute, the person that got 'gazumped' may leave a negative review about the solicitor out of frustration. Even though it wasn't the law firm's decision to pull out of the deal.

"approach was both professional and personal throughout the whole process"

"Numerous complications arose ... Hazel managed to keep my spirits up as well as using her knowledge, experience and "determination to see the purchase go through"

"always available to answer any question and keep me updated "

Fulton's have considerable positive reviews dotted around the aforementioned third party review forums. Many commenters provide helpful insights into what was good about the company such as feeling kept up to date or about friendly staff. There were the expected negative reviews though which did tend to follow the common pattern for negative comments of conveyancing firms - e.g. "excuse after excuse blaming my own solicitor".

There were even comments we would consider completely useless such as "I will take my business elsewhere!" with no clarification about why. For all we know they called Fultons about a divorce case and was refused representation. The worst comment in our opinion though, was a 3 star review for the company because the client believed the firm's offices were Hard to find". No, really. Someone wrote that as a review.

The firm does cover Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney matters as well. So if you see reviews relating to such, it's not an error by the reviewer. Those few extra case types and the conveyancing make up the firm's full case range. The firm does not handle the same matters as the Gildeas firm we mentioned before. "it's never too early to consult your solicitor" A quick note about navigation. The full branding of this firm is Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents with the official website being www.fultons-scotland.co.uk which we link to above. www.fultons-scotland.com does not redirect you and neither of the www.fultons.co.uk or www.fultons.com variants are owned by the company. Obviously there will be people trying a wide variety of close-but-not-quite attempts such as fultons-solicitors or fultonssolicitors. Add to that the apostrophe and letter s on the end being dropped, or Fultons being pluralised instead - and you'll soon agree that there are a lot of possible browser typos. Why is that important to realise?

Because for several years now people have lost £millions to scammers over property deals through simple tactics such as having a very similar looking domain name either hosting a fraudulent (phishing) site or just as an official looking email address. They then tell the buyer that the house deposit needs to be paid into a different bank account. Why people fall for that, we don't know. But we would have thought it common sense to phone your actual conveyancing firm to confirm such BEFORE transferring tens of thousands of pounds to bank details you've just been emailed.

"With our estate agency and property conveyancing teams under one roof, we offer a seamless transition from initial valuation and marketing through negotiation and conclusion of the contract to the conveyancing and settlement of the sale or purchase."

The firm has offices in Mount Florida, Glasgow and Mearns Road, Clarkston. They can also arrange to meet you in their sister firm's Gildeas' offices in either Glasgow or Edinburgh city centres if that's better.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents it's best to visit the website (www.fultons-scotland.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Fultons Estate Agents

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