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Richmond Legal Ltd Info

Richmond Legal - Manchester

Richmond Legal cover a range of legal service including Personal Injury, Immigration, Business Disputes, and Professional Disciplinary Defence. They provide expert legal advice and representation to guide you through your case with the least amount of stress. They promise a personalised approach, making sure to understand your particular case details and expectations.

Office Address: Office A, Harewood House, 2-6, Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester, England, M24 6DP
Web Address: https://richmondlegalltd.co.uk
Email Address: info@richmondlegal.uk
Phone Number: 0161 637 7177

Suhail Ahmad at Richmond Legal on YouTube

Richmond Legal Ltd Solicitors in Middleton, Manchester: Review

Our first impression of Richmond Legal was a curiousity regarding their chosen case range. Typically firms will handle a wide range of case types, or they will specialise. This is especially true for Personal Injury and Immigration cases. So for Richmond Legal to cover both these quite specialist areas together - is actually quite unusual.

What does that mean? For us it indicates that the firm genuinely do have an affinity and expertise for the two areas of law. Whilst we have nothing against firms that try to cover a multitude of services, there are some that clearly go well beyond their capabilities. 'Jack of all trades, master of none' springs to mind. Therefore whilst the case range across this particular firm isn't wholly niche - it is still limited and therefore you would expect the solicitors within the practice to have considerable knowledge in these two areas.

"Providing expert legal advice and representation for Personal injury, Immigration, Professional Discipline and litigation matters."

Richmond Legal Ltd

If you've already flicked through a dozen other law firm's websites today in your search for representation, you've probably noticed the majority use almost identical sales language. Every single legal professional will state they provide expert legal advice. To use a description any less than 'expert' would clearly be unwise. The number of 'award-winning' law firms we've seen also defies all logic as to just how many awards there have to be out there for them all to have won so many.

One good way to check up on a law firm or an individual solicitor's expertise and experience is through the local law society. Law societies can be national, countywide, or attached to a large population city. The main one for English/Welsh legal professionals is The Law Society of England & Wales and it is simply an excellent resource for people to use. The information provided user-side rivals anything we've seen from other Law Societies across the UK.

If you check out the page for a firm you can typically see alternative contact details, staff details, office locations, any alternate trading names, and most importantly - the expertise and qualification dates of any professionals at the firm. For example they state the lead solicitor, Suhail Ahmad, qualified as a solicitor in 1998. That's plenty of time to have gotten to grips with the chosen areas of law. It also states fluency in Urdu and Punjabi as well as English.

"At Richmond Legal we do our very best to help our clients navigate through their legal issues with the least amount of stress."

The branding used by Suhail seems to be relatively new according to the companies house dates. So whilst it's easy to find the confirmation of expertise and experience from places like the law society - it's unfortunately not been long enough for a good amount of public reviews to be available on the web. At the time of writing there were actually no reviews available on the regular sites such as Google, Trustpilot, Yell, Yelp, etc.

Don't expect this to change very quickly though. The legal industry is quite different from others when it comes to public reviews. Whilst people may be quite happy to jump online and discuss their new toaster, a local restaurant, or even a house sale - they are less likely to rush and inform everyone about how their bankruptcy, divorce, child custody or contentious probate case is going. So when you see a law firm with only a handful or even zero reviews, just bear that in mind and don't take it as a negative sign.

"Contact us on 0161 637 7177 or 07956 113019 for emergencies"

Another sentence that might stand out to us more than regular consumers is this one. That's because not all Immigration firms deal with clients the same. Sadly the tradition of 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri working hours for solicitors still holds true today for many firms in the UK. So a public display (it's actually capitalised on the Richmond Legal website but we shrunk it to avoid distraction) of a number clearly meant as a potential 24/7 means of contact is rarer than you might think. Whilst it's something we see alot of with Criminal Law firms, it's less noticeable for Immigration.

"We can offer fixed fees if you are not eligible for legal aid"

This is another statement that might look perfectly normal to most people but really stands out to us. Most people may not know just how badly the goverment has stripped Legal Aid both in reach and in funding. It's pretty bleak though and only getting worse. Over the past two decades the number of law firms willing to work for the drastically reduced pay that Legal Aid provides has dwindled. It's also become more of a pain to organise. Therefore any legal professional still willing to help clients apply and then work under those provisions will always get some respect from us.

A quick note on navigation though as when we tried searching for information around the web about this firm, Google wasn't the most helpful. For example, when we added the word 'reviews' to some of the search phrases we were shown a list of places called Middleton in Richmond - rather than companies called Richmond in Middleton. The official site we link to above is www.richmondlegalltd.co.uk and at the moment the alternative www.richmondlegalltd.com does not show anything. The most common typos we'd expect would obviously be www.richmondlegal.co.uk and the .com and neither of them are owned by this company either.

The firm's website is https secure for entering your personal details in their contact forms. Also the majority of scams against clients of law firms right now tend to revolve around conveyancy and property matters. Obviously with such huge amounts of money being passed around, fraudsters are finding great success in convincing people to send the money to them instead. Sometimes just with a couple of official looking emails. Of course, you should never discuss payments or bank details via email. A last word from the company's site:

"Our litigation team has the wealth of experience in dealing with all types of litigation matters, whether these are civil or commercial"

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Richmond Legal Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.richmondlegalltd.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Suhail Ahmad at Richmond Legal

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