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Hine Legal Ltd: Info

Hello. This section below about Hine Legal Ltd is scheduled for archiving and will eventually be removed. The information may therefore be out of date. There are more review articles here or you can use our Legal Help search box to find alternate firms in your area. Thank you for your patience.

Hine Legal

Hine Legal -

Hine Legal is a specialist firm of employment solicitors providing pragmatic, practical and commercial advice to both employers and employees. They deal with contracts, disciplinary matters, grievances, ill health issues, redundancy, discrimination, dismissals, employment tribunals, restrictive covenant issues and much more. Listed in The Times top 200 Law Firms.

Office Address: Cromwell House, 3rd Floor, 14 Fulwood Place, , Greater London, WC1V 6HZ
Web Address: Link unavailable. Click to see local map of alternatives >>
Email Address: solicitor@hinelegal.com
Phone Number: 0203 008 5718

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Hine Legal Ltd Employment Solicitors in London: Review

We love being able to get specialists on the network, especially for things people really want specialists for. For legal issues such as personal injury or wills it's not really a high priority. But practically every single person facing a motor offence wants to hire a firm that exclusively does road traffic law and nothing else. They want someone who knows the ins and outs with decades of experience and a few good loopholes up their sleeve.

Of course, despite the infamous Mr Loophole whom celebrities pay small fortunes to come up with slippery ways out of their predicament - the best firms we recommend to people don't employ such easily-blow-up-in-your-face tactics. It's the same with any good specialist. They know how to work with the law and use it to the best advantage of their client. Which brings us to today's review of the Employment Law specialists Hine Legal.

"#Hinesight (‘hine,sait) the ability through experience to predict and avoid expensive employment law mistakes. Having a thorough understanding of business and employee needs and a detailed understanding of employment law advice. Providing solutions for real positive impact in the workplace. [rare]"

Hine Legal Ltd

If you've spent most of the afternoon reading through solicitor's websites that all sound the same, this opener on the Hine Legal front page will probably come as a welcome relief. Sure it's a bit corny, but at least it's original. Unlike the dozens of front pages that all say 'our firm is traditional yet modern', 'fast yet unrushed', 'friendly yet professional' or similar marketing buzzword cliches.

Of course if you're going to go with humour as an opener, you'd better have a damn good second paragraph to show your firm isn't a joke itself.

"As one of the firms rated by The Times in its top 200 law firms 2019, we provide pragmatic, practical and commercial advice to both employers and employees"

There are a lot of awards and lists firms can quote themselves being on. The Times and The Legal 500 are the two mostly commonly accepted standards in the industry.

The firm itself was only created in 2011 which in solicitor terms may sound very young. We've seen hundreds of firms quoting decades of history and some proudly touting century-old brand names. Is the establishment date of a firm important? No. Not in the slightest. We genuinely wrote a review on one firm where their claim to being established back in the 1800s was based solely on the fact they moved into the building where a much older firm than them had originally been based. No really, we're not making that up. In fact, if you read the About Us sections of most law firms claiming to be ancient in wisdom you'll most likely see tenuous links of one firm merging with another and being bought over by the new founder's ex-wife's hamster.

So if you can't use a firm's age to determine experience, what can you use? Good question and there is a great resource online just for that. If you go to The Law Society website you can look up the experience and speciality of any solicitor working in a registered firm. On the page for Hine Legal you'll see the firm's founder (Nick Hine) has been handling business legal matters since 1993. Most of the other solicitors on board also qualified as solicitors before the firm's 2011 establishment date.

"Hine Legal’s experience enables us to predict and avoid expensive employment law mistakes. A thorough understanding of employer and employee needs, underpinned by a sound knowledge of employment law, enables us to provide solutions for real, positive impact in the workplace."

That's why we say the establishment date of a firm is meaningless. A 20-year-old firm might give you a 1-year-qualified solicitor to run your case, and a 1-year-old firm might give you a 20-year-experienced solicitor.

This level of Hine Legal's experience and their focus also shows in other parts of their website, as they've taken the time to write introduction pieces on various legal issues. They are quite brief and basic, but when you're paying for a solicitor's time it can be a real help to already know the basics before having the discussions. There's employment advice for employers such as 'Business Restructure Advice' or 'Contracts And Policies Advice' as well as advice for employees including titles such as 'Advice For Leaving A Business' right up to 'High Court Claims And Injunctions'.

So Hine Legal's experience and love of the job shows through okay, but what do people in general think of their services? Well unfortunately Hine Legal's testimonials page is not as unique as the rest of their website. It's a worldwide issue that the testimonials companies seem to pick to paste on their site are not so much helpful as just plain praise-filled. It's not only solicitors that do this. Even your local coffee shop's testimonial page will sound more like a religious experience than helpful comments.

• "shrewd direction and outstanding no fuss clarity on what needs to be done, a true art"
• "provided sound advice and nothing was ever too much trouble"
• "Working with Nick is an absolute pleasure"
• "speedy, concise and with that essential ability to present advice to the client in plain English"

We ran a poll a few years back and the number of people that relied on a company's own testimonials didn't even reach double digits. Most people want to hear the bad as well, and more specifically - the type or 'theme' of the bad. For example, if there are dozens of reviews all saying their solicitor was really difficult to get a hold of then that's helpful information. So is there a more informative and balance view on the public review boards?

• "Charlotte was imaginative in spotting other risks we hadn't considered and covering those angles."
• "Sound advice and good support when needed it most."
• "We have used Hine legal for all Staff Contracts, and all other related matters or advice generally for many years now."
• "team are really knowledgeable. They turned round what I needed really quickly."

Those are snippets from browsing through the regular spots such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Yell, Trustpilot and so on. In all it was overwhelmingly positive though. The only two negative reviews we saw related to be unhappy about the cost. One person said it cost more than a different firm they hired in the past which we assume has more to the tale than that ... surely? That's why we always recommend reading the reviews rather than just looking at stars. We've seen people leave negative reviews for solicitors because they wouldn't take the case on. We've seen someone genuinely 'disgusted' that a criminal law expert refused to take on his divorce case. So not all negative reviews are really sane helpful. But no, there was no negative criticism that stood out in the public boards either.

"We will listen, understand your position and be proactive; providing commercial, practical and realistic employment law advice on everything from data protection legislation to redundancy rights."

Whilst on The Law Society website we did see that there was a Hine Legal Ltd, a Hine Solicitors Ltd, and a Hine & Co Solicitors as well. These are three completely different firms so make sure you're looking for the correct one when researching information or reviews.

That did get us to thinking about navigation though and whilst we link to the official www.hinelegal.com above, please note that www.hinelegal.co.uk is owned by a different firm. The aforementioned Hine Solicitors use www.hinesolicitors.com whilst the www.hinesolicitors.co.uk variant doesn't seem to be being used by anyone. Hine & Co don't seem to have a website at all. We didn't research all the other tlds or hyphenated versious. At the moment if you search for Hine Legal you get the correct firm showing up in the top spot but if you accidentally search for 'solicitors' instead, the other firm will be at the top spot.

Of course, it's really only property law firms that are being targeted by scammers at the moment so the result of making a mistake is probably only going to be your lost time. But it may still be a good idea to bookmark the correct site once you're on it just in case.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with Hine Legal Ltd it's best to visit the website (www.hinelegal.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

Hine Legal Solicitors

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