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IWC Probate & Will Services Info

IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd - Braintree

Voted the number one legal probate service by FreeIndex, IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd are a specialist Probate, Genealogy and Willwriting company offering nationwide coverage across England. For Probate Administration and Wills they provide a fixed fee service agreed with you in advance. They also offer to visit you at home to discuss your needs, even in the evenings.

Office Address: Suite 3, 9-13 Bocking End, Braintree, England, CM7 9AE
Web Address: https://www.iwcprobateservices.co.uk
Email Address: enquiries@iwcprobateservices.co.uk
Phone Number: 020 8150 2010

IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd on YouTube

IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd | Probate & Will Services in Braintree: Review

Adding IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd to our list of recommended firms was really a no-brainer moment for us. So whilst we always try to write comprehensive and balanced articles about each of the firms we cover - this one may sound considerably more "pro" than usual. That doesn't mean it won't be helpful (at least we hope it will). For a start, they are the only legal service provider that we've ever seen offering a Price Match Promise:

"We are confident in our pricing that if on the rare occasion another provider is offering a similar service we will be more than happy to match their quotation."

They also genuinely do cover the full gamut of estate planning. From regular wills and probate, to funeral plans, genealogy searches, power of attorney, contesting a will, and more. They were voted the number one legal probate provider on the FreeIndex business review website and are regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners plus the Heir Hunters Association.

IWC Probate & Will Services

Unlike many law firms which like to claim 100+ year histories, IWC say they started in the year 2000. If you've done your homework a little more than the regular consumer, you'll have seen all the business info sites state they started in 2002. Of course, that's just when they registered as a "Ltd" company in Braintree. But we've written in several articles before about how meaningless the age of a firm's branding is anyway. A 150 year old law firm might assign you a 1-year qualified solicitors to run your case. 2002 is a decent enough time for any firm to build up expertise, local contacts, and refine a system to be faster, more efficient and more importantly - cost effective. The reviews back this up:

• "Fantastic help, friendly kind I am so happy with the help provided in this difficult time for me"
• "It took even less time than expected"
• "able to answer all questions and adapt to changing circumstances on a particularly tricky matter"
• "I really don't know how I would have coped without them"
• "The company was caring and empathetic every step of the way, whilst acting efficiently and professionally"

Those are just a few snippets from reviews posted on independent sites such as TrustPilot, FreeIndex and even NetMums. (That's actually the first time we've seen a law firm mentioned on NetMums.) There are hundreds of reviews about IWC Probate and Will Services which is also rather unusual. You may have already noticed that not many people bother writing reviews about law firms. If you read our last article, it was about a firm with a history back to 1979 yet had a grand total of three reviews across the entire web.

Why is that important? The reason they have so many reviews is probably because they link to review groups from their own website and ask people to view/post reviews on their services. That's a big deal. Many firms hate review sites and we've covered a couple of firms where a chunk of the 5 star reviews were clearly faked ... 'less than 100% above board' ... to try and balance the negative reviews people were posting about them. The problem is that solicitors are not making burgers or installing your TV. If you've gone to a solicitor there's a good chance you're already having a big problem and are already very aggravated. The chances of any legal situation being resolved to a client's 100% satisfaction is not possible. Someone usually has to lose in a case. In divorces, it wouldn't be uncommon for both sides to end up disappointed with their solicitor.

So a firm actually encouraging people to visit review sites that could change at any second, is bold. You have to be pretty confident in your customer service to do such a thing when it comes to legal matters.

"We provide a fixed fee service for Probate Administration and Wills, our fees will be agreed with you in advance"

Thankfully whilst this is a good thing to see - it's not a unique offer. Most law firms are moving away from the charge-by-the-hour setup and giving clients a quote up front. This is great for the consumer and will help a lot when you're trying to compare one firm with another. However, we have seen comparison sites starting to pop up for legal services and don't recommend using those. We'll be expanding on 'why' in a later article.

"Our Will writing and probate staff are fully qualified probate practitioners who hold the appropriate law degree qualifications for probate and estate administration."

Hugely important. There are plenty of companies for Will & Probate Services, Personal Injury, Conveyancing and other case types which don't even have a single solicitor on staff. They are simply 'case management companies'. These are people with no legal qualifications that discuss your case in depth with you and take all the details. They then take that case to a third party solicitor to deal with whilst they act as a very-well-paid middleman. Or worse, they just sell your case to a completely different firm.

Another big plus and something that's not common at all, is IWC's blog section with real help and information articles. There are very specific pieces such as "The Chain of Representation" or "A Precatory Trust". But there's also plenty of wider topics that may be worth a quick read before actually picking up the phone to talk to anyone. Titles such as "Writing the Ideal Will", "Can you Refuse to be an Executor", or "What Happens if you Don't Apply for Probate". The blog section seems to be regularly updated as well.

Hopefully if you've continued reading this far you'll agree that us having a very 'pro' stance on IWC Wills and Probate isn't wholly unjustified. So, do we have any negative points to raise? Well, they could use a really good search function for the help articles rather than just the drop down category menu. And they could be clearer about their online presence too.

For example whilst we link to www.iwc-ltd.co.uk as many other sites do, our browser was redirected to www.iwcprobateservices.co.uk Even more confusing was that Google shows results for both web addresses as if they were separate. Also whilst the official name seems to still be IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd, we see it compacted to IWC Probate & Will Services and even just IWC Probate Services just as often. We also saw www.probatelondon.co.uk in the search results for the company name, but we couldn't get the site to load. A cached version of the site indicated it was also part of the same firm though. It's not unusual for law firms to have a few different brands for promoting different case types or locations. But all these websites seem to be identical. We checked www.iwc-ltd.com and www.iwcprobateservices.com just in case. Whilst owned there is no live website on either of them.

We didn't check mis-spellings or other hyphenated versions, but considering how bad the Conveyancing industry has been hit with scammers - we would absolutely recommend bookmarking the correct site once you're on it and never, ever discuss payments via email. Even if someone calls you to confirm bank details, unless you absolutely recognise the voice - you should hang up and call the company back on the phone number you've been officially given.

"There are various of ways to contact us, including Telephone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM, Mail, Webform or Email. As we provide services for overseas clients enquiries are often answered outside of normal office hours."

One question we see asked alot is about phone call charges. Many of the people coming through the 1to1Legal website are on their phone searching for a legal professional to contact there and then. The phone number above is clickable for that very reason. But with so many prefixes such as 0845, 0871, 03000, 0333, 0800, 0808, etc. etc. etc it's difficult to know whether an hour's call charges will cost you more than the solicitor. IWC's estate planning, wills, and probate services in Braintree are all available through an 0800 number listed above and on the firm's website. Originally 0800 was only free on landlines and charged at quite an extortionate rate on mobiles. These days we don't know of a single UK mobile network that will charge you for an 0800 call.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with IWC Probate & Will Services it's best to visit the website (www.iwcprobateservices.co.uk), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd

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