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TWB Probate Solicitors: Info

TWB Probate Solicitors London

TWB Probate Solicitors - London

TWB Probate Solicitors, as the name implies, are specialists in Probate matters. All work is undertaken by a qualified solicitor who will deal with everything from start to finish. This ensures the work is tailored to your individual requirements to achieve the best possible outcome. The firm operates on a Fixed Fee basis so you know exactly what you're going to pay from the outset. Meeting offices available in London but able to help clients nationwide.

Office Address: 483 Green Lanes, London, Greater London, N13 4BS
Web Address: https://www.twbprobatesolicitors.com
Email Address: howardb@twbprobatesolicitors.com
Phone Number: 020 3983 8565

TWB Probate Solicitors Ltd on YouTube

TWB Probate Solicitors Ltd - Estate Planning, Wills & Probate in London: Review

We try to cover a wide range of law firms on our site including alternative legal professionals and companies who might provide related services. This is to let people realise and choose from more options than they might think are available. For example, in some cases you may be better off with an accountant or a barrister rather than a solicitor. Not just for your chances of obtaining the result you want, but for cost as well.

But there is an area of law with some confusion when it comes to specialisms. While we are concerned about the number of new firms springing up offering 'fast fuss free divorces' - the idea of completely ignoring the concept of advice and just filling in forms has been the way of things for Wills for much longer than that.

"TWB Probate Solicitors. Grants of Representation - Administration of Estates – And Nothing Else"

TWB Probate Solicitors

For example, this quote is from the opening of the website of an Estate Planning specialist firm TWB. So what's the difference between using a firm like this and simply buying a "Will Kit" off Amazon? Certainly the immediate cost to you will be far less as it costs much less for one of these kits than to hire a professional. But could your loved ones end up having to foot the bill for your penny-pinching later on?

First issue to cover is that there are not just two options - i.e. it's not just whether you buy and fill in some forms yourself OR hire a solicitor. There are a multitude of options in between. Some not always very transparent about what they are providing. Unfortunately, in the UK there are no good guidelines blocking people from calling themselves a 'lawyer' considering most are not aware it does not mean the same thing as a 'solicitor' or 'barrister'. That's not to say there aren't alot of well experienced people such as paralegals out there who can help. Just that it's not always crystal clear who you are hiring.

"All case work is undertaken by a solicitor who thereby provides a customised, personal service. One person, throughout the whole process will deal with your matter."

As you can see, the TWB Probate site states a solicitor will be doing the work. If you are unsure, it is possible to check on this by looking up the firm on various sites. The first is the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) which lists all firms registered with them. The SRA's site is not the best laid out though and the search can be difficult to navigate.

The Law Society of England & Wales however has a wonderful site with a wealth of information on every firm registered including languages spoken, contact details, staff, links to regulatory associations, as well as the qualification dates of each solicitor within the firm. As you can see from the page on this firm - solicitor Howard Brown has been a qualified solicitor since 1984. This mean you can also use the Law Society site to verify any claims a firm or professional makes about their experience.

"One does not simply rely on replies to standard questionnaires, but on the instincts and experience of the lawyer to draw out the required information."

Of course, not all people are going to need hours of expert questions and advice with regular checks as their property portfolio and/or shares adjust. Some of us (most of us) may only require the most minimal of guidance. However, considering the changes governments can make and even the huge difference between how life insurance policies can be paid out and taxed - at the very least it may be an idea to check with someone to ask whether they think you might need a more in depth discussion about your financial or family situation and why.

The TWB site does have a blog section with a few articles such as regarding gifts made in contemplation of death (something practically every Scottish granny does from about the age of 70) and the importance of keeping good records.

"... clients complete a relatively comprehensive questionnaire which is followed up by a series of e-meetings proves more suitable for those whose might want tax advice or whose circumstances were not entirely straightforward"

A note on navigation as when we were trying to find information on this firm we kept being shown links to pages about Thomas Boyd Whyte probate solicitors with their website at www.tbw.uk.com which is a completely different company. You may also see solicitor Howard Brown registered with a company called The Will Bureau (www.thewillbureau.co.uk). This is a group of advisors that have consultants on staff. We would recommend using the contact information listed on the TWB Probate Solicitors' website.

The official site is www.twbprobatesolicitors.com which is HTTPS secure for submitting your personal details on their contact form. The .co.uk version doesn't currently redirect you there and with the longer name it may be an idea to bookmark the site if you plan on coming back to it. It's always best to try and stay safe online and not take any unnecessary risks.

General Notes: Usually if Legal Aid is possible we've mentioned it above, but you can always ask. We haven't looked in depth at their recruitment program so are unaware of any job vacancies available. For a career with TWB Probate Solicitors it's best to visit the website (www.twbprobatesolicitors.com), check opening hours, and find the correct phone/email contact details. Simply emailing a CV to reception looks lazy. Each law firm's Law Society and/or SRA number should be on their site, usually at the bottom of each page.

TWB Probate Solicitors Ltd

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