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Taylor Rose TTKW Offers Fee Sharing Agreements with Like-minded Solicitors through Fee Share Arrangements

Taylor Rose TTKW is a Lexcel/CQS accredited law firm operating across 5 UK offices. Alongside their employed lawyers, they are also looking to work with like-minded lawyers through fee share arrangements.

They currently have a number of fee-share agreements in place, collectively accounting for around 15% of their fee income. Uniquely, they are happy to accommodate entire departments or firms, as well as individuals.

Taylor Rose Fee Sharing

There is continuing pressure on smaller firms to adhere to stringent compliance and accreditation requirements. In addition, insufficient mass to sustain dedicated resources means that pressure comes back to those managing the practice, eroding fee-earning capability and ultimately profits. A fee share arrangement allows you to place focus on billing and business development, with your efforts converting directly to personal income.

Taylor Rose TTKW have invested heavily in their IT systems, CMS, marketing, training and compliance capability. Their core costs are lean, improving further as they grow. They now successfully process 25,000+ instructions p/a.

By using their infrastructure, you will make significant savings over existing costs, in addition to harnessing lost fee-earning time. Having a number of large client contracts, Taylor Rose TTKW also introduce work to many of their fee-sharers as the relationship settles.

Fee share arrangements best suit those who have an established client base and predictable fee income to build upon. They are happy to work with you, sharing knowledge and resources wherever they can to build your client base further. They are also happy for you to speak to their existing fee-sharers, so that they can tell you their views, having made the move already.

If you would be interested in discussing a potential fee share arrangement with them or other available opportunities, their direct contact details are:

Taylor Rose Solicitors
Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors
Garry Thompson
01733 865 613
07903 778 002

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