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Goldsmith Bowers Solicitors LogoGoldsmith Bowers Debt Recovery & Litigation Solicitors in Bradford: Goldsmith Bowers Solicitors have been on the network for a while now and we wanted to make a few points about researching firms in general. For example, this snippet from their website: "Specialist debt recovery, li... More

Guardian Law LogoGuardian Law Ltd - Employment & HR Lawyers in Nottingham: We have consistently warned people about the public review boards when researching a company you're thinking of using. They are an excellent resources and we absolutely recommend checking through them. But you simply must make sure to read the... More

Backhouse Solicitors LogoBackhouse Solicitors in Chelmsford, Essex: You would think that the development of the internet and every company having a full website about themselves with dozens of third party resources to provide independent information etc. etc. etc. would make researching and choosing the right firm... More

WH Solicitors LogoWH Law Ltd - Immigration Solicitors in Woking: Normally our articles use a specific law firm to highlight a point or explain a resource you can use when researching various types of firm, or legal professionals that deal in specific areas of law. However today's law practice, WH Solicitors, is si... More

Two Harcourt Buildings LogoTwo Harcourt Buildings Chambers - 2HB Barristers in London: Two Harcourt Buildings may be a setup you're not familiar with because prior to recent changes in how the public can access legal help, you would have had to pay a solicitor just to get introduced to a barrister that can actually represent you... More

MJV & Co Solicitors Ltd LogoMJV & Co Solicitors Ltd - Law Firm in Thornton-Cleveleys, Blackpool: It wasn't until we researched MJV Solicitors that we realised there was a once-hugely-popular phrase now seemingly missing from the pages of most current law firm websites. It dawned on us straight off the bat with this statement on the front page of... More

Bridge McFarland LLP LogoBridge McFarland LLP - Solicitors in Grimsby, Hull, Lincoln, Louth, and Market Rasen: If you've already been through a dozen law firm websites today looking for a good match for legal help , you'll probably be frustrated by the similar sounding sales language and even similar looking images. Photos of people in suits smiling and... More

Woodstock Legal Services LogoWoodstock Legal Services Ltd - Solicitors Law Practice in Poole: Having worked in the legal industry for over 20 years we're still surprised to come across some firms that we'd not heard of before. In any industry there are obviously those firms that thrive on publicity and who like seeing their logo everyw... More

Stephanie Heijdra LogoStephanie Heijdra - The Lady Barrister & Clerksroom Chambers in London: As you may have gathered from the network setup and other articles across our site, our goal is not just to provide a directory of the most common law firms. There are already hundreds of websites doing that. We try to make sure you know about the di... More

Summerfield Browne Solicitors LogoSummerfield Browne Solicitors in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Market Harborough & Leicester: We've written many articles on what to look for in a law firm to make sure you get legal advice from the best match to your needs. Today's is going to discuss Summerfield Browne Solicitors as they have an alternate setup which they've run for many ye... More

Thaxted Legal Ltd LogoThaxted Legal Ltd Immigration Solicitors in Chislehurst, London: We've written over 200+ articles on legal service providers in the UK with tips on what to look for when trying to get legal help, resources you can use, and things to avoid. We even have a list of the most 'problematic' firms based on the complaints... More

Smith and Graham Solicitors LogoSmith and Graham Solicitors in Hartlepool, Peterlee and Middlesbrough: Since Covid hit we've seen a lot of law firms go under and a new wave of single proprietor practices has started pushing across the UK. The number of large multi-office firms only seems to increase due to some smaller businesses merging to survive th... More

Brown and Co Solicitors LogoBrown & Co Solicitors in Greenwich, London: You'll get a lot of opinions on social boards or 'help' articles about the pros/cons of using a large law firm, a small local firm, a specialist, a general practice firm, etc. Plus dozens of review pages both monitored and unmonitored. O... More

Mackenzie Jones Solicitor LogoMackenzie Jones Solicitors in St Asaph, Menai Bridge & Chester: We try our best to provide a range of options for people searching for help. That means not just the regular high street solicitor but also barristers for direct access, accountants where a solicitor might not be needed for a tax matter, or pa... More

Hill House Chambers LogoHill House Chambers - Barristers Based in London: Hill House Chambers have been recommended across our network for some time now so, as we do with many firms, we'd like to give a few insights into things that stood out to us about a firm, how that compares across the industry, and things you can ... More

Stowe Family Law LogoStowe Family Law - Divorce Solicitors in Harrogate, York, Beverley & Other Locations: Today's piece covers the website of Stowe Family Law where there is a fair mix of writing and images to scroll through even on the first page. Some firms have very little writing with massive images of people shaking hands and smiling. Some firms lik... More

Rose Fendlen Law LogoRose Fendlen Law - Solicitors in Wigan (Formerly LRose Law): Most people that end up on our site have usually already scrolled through a dozen or so law firm sites before getting here. The main reason they haven't managed to pick a legal help provider already is often an inability to tell each of them apart... More

Bell Lax Solicitors LogoBell Lax Ltd - Solicitors in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham: If you've already flicked through a few dozen law firm websites today trying to find the best one for your case, it probably became a bit of a blur. By that we mean most legal companies in the UK tend to use the same sort of sales language, hi... More

JPS Walker Solicitors Ltd LogoJPS Walker Solicitors Ltd in Manchester: Rather than delve into a few specific topics at length, today's article will try to cover a much wider range of points. That means each will only be covered very briefly, but hopefully it will provide a greater selection of things that might h... More

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The Legal Practice Ltd LogoThe Legal Practice Ltd - Solicitors in Rickmansworth & Wembley Park, Greater London: Many of the articles we write will focus on an individual law office in order to make comparisons, clarifications, and provide tips on how to research any common queries that come up during your general search for legal help. Today's article uses a f... More

Youngs Solicitors LogoYoungs Solicitors - Young & Co Solicitors Ltd in Longton (Stoke on Trent): This is the final article in our series on this law group and it covers the main, sort of 'parent', branding within the Youngs Solicitors' setup. Each individual office they manage has kept a local, recognisable name with their own website and case r... More

Lefevres Law LogoLefevres Law Firm - Litigation Solicitors in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen: At 1to1Legal we try to get a varied selection of options for people to choose from. That way when you search our database for help in your area we can show you everything such as a regular high street general practice solicitor, a specialist f... More

David Stinson & Co LogoDavid Stinson & Co Personal Injury Solicitors in Aylesford, Kent: We've already covered two branding options within this law firm's group, but David Stinson & Co is a slightly different one. As mentioned before, having different trading names within one law firm is quite common if the practice wishes to focus and d... More

Cooks Solicitors LogoCooks Solicitors in Newcastle under Lyme & Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire: As in the previous article, Cooks Solicitors are also a trading name of Young and Co Solicitors Ltd . Again though, whilst many solicitors use different trading names to highlight specific case types out of the same office - this one relates to... More

Swain & Co Solicitors Ltd LogoSwain & Co Solicitors Ltd in Southampton, Liverpool & Havant: Our last article was about a firm that used different trading names from the same office address. The article before that was about a firm that has merged four times causing big branding changes each time. Then the article before that one was on a hu... More

My Law Matters LogoMy Law Matters from Fentimans - Solicitors in Wolverhampton, Manchester, Solihull & Waltham Cross: It's quite common for law firms to create separate trading names. This can be to highlight a particular case type as a specialty or simply to create a more national branding if their original name is something very local. Sometimes they operat... More

Frazer Coogans Ltd LogoFrazer Coogans Ltd - Solicitors in Ayr, Prestwick & Glasgow: Whilst we work very hard to find as many alternative options for people to help with legal matters, sometimes you do just need a regular high street law firm. There are many advantages to using alternatives such as Direct Access barristers whi... More

QualitySolicitors Burton & Co LogoQualitySolicitors Burton & Co in Lincoln & Sleaford: Whilst most of our articles are about individual firms along with the pros/cons and things that stood out, today's piece on Burton & Co LLP will have to cover some new ground. All cards on the table - we like Burton & Co . (Obviously, otherwise... More

OneLaw Chambers LogoOneLaw Chambers - Solicitors, Barristers & Advocates in London: There have been a lot of negative moves by the government over the past two decades that have impacted the ability for regular people to obtain justice. The decimation of Legal Aid for a start. Fortunately, the legal industry itself has managed to

Beers LLP LogoBeers LLP - Solicitors in Kingsbridge & Plymouth, Devon: If you've read through any of our other law firm cover articles, you'll hopefully know that we do our best to write unbiased information. It's true the majority of firms we write about are going to receive fairly positive comments because we'v... More

DisrepairClaim.co.uk LogoDisrepairClaim.co.uk - Housing Disrepair Claims Company based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire: We've talked a lot before about 'specialist' law firms. To summarise previous articles, there are three main types of setup when it comes to law firms and their case ranges. There are firms that specialise in a single area of law, such as Crim... More

Simper Law Ltd LogoSimper Law Ltd - Solicitors in Norwich & Great Yarmouth: Our article today is about Simper Law which turns out to be much more of a unique offering than expected. It also has a few quirks that will allow us to discuss important things to pay attention to when researching the best firm for your speci... More

Reynolds Macdonald Solicitors LogoReynolds Macdonald Solicitors in Hackney: Normally in our information articles about firms we tend to dive off into a few tangents about general things to watch out for when researching which legal service provider is best for you. Today's piece will be no exception and reading through the i... More

ULA Solicitors Ltd LogoULA Solicitors Ltd - Law Firm in London: If you've read any of our other articles you'll have noticed that we often have to report on various issues or things to watch out for when researching or using any particular law firm. However this article on ULA Solicitors was nice and straightforw... More

Taylor Price Solicitors LogoTaylor Price Legal Ltd - Solicitors in Leeds & Levenshulme (Manchester): Continuing our batch of reviews of high-street solicitor firms we turn to Taylor Price Solicitors. A firm we've been aware of for a long time with staff we've conversed with numerous times since their founding. Obviously we can't possibly try out the... More

Michael Leighton Jones LogoMichael Leighton Jones Solicitors in Bargoed & Tredomen, Wales: If you've already gone through dozens of law websites today looking for the best firm for your case, you've probably noticed a lot of them use the same sort of 'sales pitch' language. Some even use identical images of people in suits smiling and shak... More

Milners Solicitors LogoMilners Law LLP Solicitors in Leeds, Harrogate & Pontefract: After more than a week of reviewing specialist firms, we're getting back to a more regular general practice setup with Milners Solicitors. By 'regular' we don't mean they are average. We just mean that when people think of a high-street, local solici... More

KRS Estate Planning Ltd LogoKRS Estate Planning Ltd - Will & Probate Advice in Leicester: Only just a couple of decades ago most people would expect to contact a high street solicitor for any legal issue and that those solicitors within the firm would have a wide range of expertise. These days though, it's clear people want specialists fo... More

Branch Austin McCormick LLP LogoBranch Austin McCormick LLP Solicitors in Mayfair, London: If you've read any of our other articles before, you'll know that we don't put a lot of stock in 'established in ...' ancient date claims by law firms. We've seen very tenuous links before including one firm that claimed their history went back 200+ ... More

Trojan Solicitors Ltd LogoTrojan Solicitors Ltd Immigration & Family Law in London: In our articles and in the legal help search database we try to cover and include a wide range of solutions . These days the high-street-solicitor is not the only option available to people to resolve certain issues. For example, for many years... More

CEL Solicitors LogoCEL Solicitors in Liverpool - Housing Disrepair, Knotweed, & Data Breach Claims: When legal issues come up, it's good to have options. These days that doesn't just mean picking between one of the high street solicitors in your town. There are direct access barristers, non-law-firm based solutions, mediators - each with service pr... More

Fulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents LogoFulton's Solicitors & Estate Agents in Clarkston & Mount Florida, Glasgow: If you've read through some of our other review articles you'll probably have noticed that we praise the good amount of publicly available information about law firms in England & Wales versus those in Scotland. Despite not being overly 'nationalised... More

HooperHyde LogoHooperHyde Business Law Solicitors in Solihull: If you've used our site to look up or read about legal service providers before, you'll know that we don't cram in thousands of firms like a regular directory. We try to provide a range of possible solutions to point people in the right direction. So... More

Antony Hodari Solicitors LogoAntony Hodari Solicitors Housing Disrepair Specialists in Manchester: We try to cover a range of solutions for legal problems including having general practice firms, specialists, barristers, and non-law-firm services as well. Antony Hodari Solicitors are a very niche firm covering just one specific case type wi... More

Fair Result Ltd LogoFair Result Ltd Divorce Settlement Mediation Services in Leicester: We try to provide information, reviews, and comparisons across not just a range of solicitors - but across a range of alternative options too. This includes direct access barristers, non-legal solutions, and mediation service providers. Not every ... More

Dylan Nair Solicitors Ltd LogoDylan Nair Solicitors Ltd in Preston, Lancashire: We obviously read through dozens of law firm's websites every day and the similarties between the content and the claims each make to set themselves apart as 'unique' can often end up blurring for us. However, this can sometimes make it much easier t... More

Mckie Legal LogoMckie Legal Solicitors in Penrith & St Helens (ConnectMeToaLawyer Ltd): Mckie Legal is named after the firm's director Andrew Ian McKie. Whilst we often have unique reasons for adding a firm to our network such as specialising in a ridiculously niche area of law or an alternative type of solution such as direct access ch... More

Jacobs Law Solicitors LogoJacobs Law Solicitors: Obviously the fact we've written hundreds of in depth review articles on UK law firms should be evidence enough that we haven't personally used each and every one of them for a legal matter. If we did need that much legal help so often, then there wo... More

Argue & Co Legal LogoArgue & Co Legal - Allan Argue Personal Injury Solicitor in Glasgow: Despite the long list of case types we state this firm covers, they are actually specialists. Litigation matters such as personal injury have huge range of sub-titles including medical negligence, slips/trips, work accidents, whiplash, and so ... More

Springle & Co Solicitors LogoSpringle & Co Solicitors Estate Planning Wills & Probate in North Shields, Tyne and Wear: We have written on a wide range of multi-practice firms over the years. But as more and more people switch from high street companies to seeking specialists services for practically everything these days - we've followed suit and started seeking them... More

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