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BLZ Solicitors LogoBLZ Solicitors NIHL, PPI & Immigration Lawyers in Stockport: We like to make sure we have a selection of types of help here on the 1to1Legal site. That's why we have general practice firms along side specialists - as well as alternate solutions such as mediation companies. BLZ Solicitors is one of the speciali... More

Hawkridge & Company LogoHawkridge & Company - Hawk Law Solicitors in Gillingham, Medway: Hawkridge & Company are another firm which may appear like a regular high street firm, but they actually tick a lot of boxes for us that you typically don't get from many other legal practices. For any legal matter there are often a range of o... More

Pacific Law LogoPacific Law Estate Planning Solicitors in Manchester: Pacific Law is very new addition to our database of law firms and they are a very new firm as well. However we have worked with some of the key players in the past. This new offering is a specialist Estate Planning service including Wills and ... More

ABS Lawyers Ltd LogoABS Lawyers Ltd Solicitors in Corby & Maghull, Liverpool: We try to provide a good selection of potential service providers to people coming through our site looking for legal help. That doesn't mean we're just another directory with hundreds of high street firms competing for space on our pages. That means... More

Stenfield Solicitors LogoStenfield Ltd Solicitors in Norwich & Harrow on the Hill, London: One main difference between the types of law firm we typically cover and add to our search database is that the majority are not high street firms. We have niche practices, specialist consultants, barristers, and even non-law-firm related solutions t... More

Khan Law LogoKhan Law - Raees Khan Personal Injury Solicitor in Glasgow: If you've already been through a dozen websites of law firms today, you'll probably have been disheartened at just how similar they all seem. The majority have the same sort of sales language, the same images of people shaking hands happily, and the ... More

DV Solicitors LogoDV Solicitors (Deo Volente Legal LLP) Law Firm in Bedford & Luton: If you've used our site before or read through any of our articles, you may have noticed that we're not a regular directory just cramming in every high street firm. We try to offer varied legal service options across a wide range of case types... More

Richmond Legal Ltd LogoRichmond Legal Ltd Solicitors in Middleton, Manchester: Our first impression of Richmond Legal was a curiousity regarding their chosen case range. Typically firms will handle a wide range of case types, or they will specialise. This is especially true for Personal Injury and Immigration cases. So f... More

Trust Inheritance Ltd LogoTrust Inheritance Ltd Wills, Probate & Estate Planning in Weston-Super-Mare: We've talked a lot before about specialists versus general practice firms. For many case types people absolutely want a niche firm such as for Motor Offences, Immigration or Debt Recovery. The most common reason is the expectation of more expertis... More

Bilkus & Boyle LogoBilkus and Boyle Solicitors & Estate Agents in Glasgow: If you've already been through a dozen law firms' websites today searching for one to take your case, you'll probably have noticed the majority use the same types of sales language, images, and so on. Fortunately there are resources online to ... More

Catteralls Solicitors LogoCatteralls Solicitors in Wakefield: There are so many typical high-street-looking types of law firms around these days it can be hard to find differences between them in order to make a more informed decision about which is best for your particular case. More importantly, which solicit... More

Penerley Lawyers LogoPenerley Commercial Lawyers in Islington, London: For as long as we can remember (and after working in the industry for over 20+ years now we can remember a lot) most people have always sought a specialist for things like Motor Offences, Debt Collection and Immigration. More recently though the numb... More

The Search Bureau LogoThe Search Bureau from Premier Searches Ltd - UK Conveyancing Search Provider: After more than twenty years of working in the legal industry, we've built up quite a network of connections, followers, and business partners. Whilst the majority of articles we write are aimed at informing general consumers about legal practices or... More

Education Law Service Ltd LogoEducation Law Service Ltd - Special Educational Needs Lawyer in London: When it comes to most areas of law there are usually some general practice firms that cover it, some specialists, some barristers, and sometimes even non-law firms that can help you with the problem at a much reduced fee . For example Wills and... More

Pump Court Chambers LogoPump Court Chambers Direct Access Barristers in London, Swindon & Winchester: Ever since the new Direct Access scheme was introduced into the UK, we've been big fans of the move. Prior to this you would have to hire a solicitor, tell them all about your case, then they would go hire a barrister and get them to handle co... More

Mason Bullock Solicitors LogoMason Bullock CCJ & Employment Solicitors in Coventry: Mason Bullock Solicitors was an unusual situation for us when it came to deciding on whether to add them to our network. Typically we research a firm completely unbias and make the decision based on several factors such as their setup, case ra... More

Lindsays Solicitors LogoLindsays Solicitors Offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dundee: Please note that the following article relates to the law firm Lindsays as a whole. The contact details and links above are for Calio Claims which is a specialist setup from Lindsays focusing on Personal Injury matters. Considering the size and scope... More

Aspire Licensing LogoAspire Licensing & Administrative Services in Whitley Bay, Newcastle: Aspire Licensing & Administrative Services are probably one of the most niche firms we've ever had on our network. Certainly we can't think of one that's more niche off-hand, but we've been doing this for over twenty years now. Whilst we often... More

OTS Solicitors Ltd LogoOTS Solicitors Ltd Immigration & Family Law in London, UK: We've often discussed the pros and cons of using a general high street style law practice that covers a wide range of matters versus those that specialise in a single niche. There are many areas of law where people automatically seem to be drawn

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Reid Black Solicitors LogoReid Black Solicitors Ltd in Belfast, Antrim & Ballyclare: We only started reviewing and writing about law firms in Northern Ireland about half a dozen years ago. Having started back in 1999, we obviously put more focus on building up a database of firms based on higher population areas first. Northern Irela... More

Howe + Co Solicitors LogoHowe + Co Solicitors in Brentford, London: If you've been searching for a law firm for a while already today, you'll have seen the majority have very similar sounding sales pitches. Many of their websites even look the same with photos of people in smart suits smiling and pointing at a comput... More

Robin Somerville Direct Access Barrister LogoRobin Somerville Direct Access Barrister & Mediator in Barnet, Greater London: If you've used our search facility before, you'll probably already have noticed that we do not cram our lists with thousands of practically identical legal practices. For each case type in your area we will try to have a couple of good regular hig... More

Levins Solicitors LogoLevins Solicitors in Huyton, Liverpool: We've worked with Levins Solicitors for several years now so obviously we have a very positive opinion of them as a firm. If you've read some of our other articles though, you'll hopefully know that such being the case doesn't always result in... More

Aconveyancing Ltd LogoAconveyancing Ltd in Tamworth & Shirley (Solihull): Aconveyancing Ltd became so in mid-2013. In law industry terms, that might sound quite young with so many companies boasting ancient foundings such as 'established in 1881'. To be honest though, such claims are just marketing ploys. The idea o... More

The Injury Solicitor Ltd LogoThe Injury Solicitor Ltd - Road Accident Claims in Salford, Manchester: If you've used our legal help search service before or read any of our articles on law firms, you'll know we like to detail a range of firms. This includes leaders in their field and companies that could simply be considered 'less ordinary'. W... More

RD Costings LogoRD Costings Ltd - Criminal Injury Claims based in Portishead: On the 1to1Legal network we review and recommend a wide range of firms. For some areas you may want a large firm with lots of resources. For others you may be better off with a Direct Access barrister to save some time and money. But there are a few ... More

MGBe Legal LogoMGBe Legal Immigration Lawyers in London: At 1to1Legal we like to research and review a wide variety firms. From the very (sometimes unfathomably) niche boutiques, to large international firms. For some areas of law though, people really do want a specialist firm . From the queries we... More

McEwan Fraser Legal LogoMcEwan Fraser Legal Property Conveyancing in Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Inverness: If you've used our site before for either searching for legal help or to check an article on a firm you're already thinking of, you'll know that we tend to cover more 'fringe' firms that either focus on an intensely niche area of law or provide a uni... More

Fieldfisher LLP LogoFieldfisher LLP Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester & London: If you've used our site before to find legal help in your area, or if you've simply read through a few of our review articles - you'll have noticed that we tend to recommend and discuss firms that are apart from the typical high street offering. Whet... More

APS Legal & Associates LogoAPS Legal & Associates Ltd - Will Advisors and Assured Probate Services: If you've read a few of our other articles, you'll know there is usually something unique or alternative about the firms we choose to review. Either they are unbelievably niche in their target market, have achieved impressive growth during har... More

Linkilaw Solicitors LogoLinkilaw Solicitors Ltd: We've worked with and written about this firm before when they were originally called Linkilaw Ltd. Even then their focus was still business clients. But with a new branding setup, web address change, and expansion into more areas of corporate law - ... More

NV Legal Ltd LogoNV Legal Ltd Personal Injury Solicitors in Watford: Considering the wide range of case types within the title of 'Personal Injury', it can be hard to think of firms that deal with such matters as 'specialists'. Usually people expect the term specialist to apply to firms that deal with more niche title... More

Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP LogoSimons Rodkin Solicitors LLP in London, Finchley & Hatfield: At 1to1Legal we're very picky about the firms we review, bring on to our network, and then recommend to people. In somewhere like London there are is a simply overwhelming number of firms to choose from . General practice solicitors, niche loca... More

DFA Law LLP LogoDFA Law LLP Solicitors in Northampton: Sometimes when researching a company online people tend to just look up some reviews on their favourite review site and then decide. For legal matters though, a handful of comments by clients who may have not had anything like the issues you're looki... More

Ian Mallon Solicitors LogoIan Mallon Solicitors Ltd in Newry and Dublin: The goal of 1to1Legal is not to create a massive directory of law firms with as many crammed in as possible. The idea is to find a handful of different types of law office in each area so not only can you have a local firm if you want, but also be mo... More

The Solicitors Advocates & Barristers Inc LogoTSABI Ltd - The Solicitors Advocates & Barristers Inc in Southall, London & Slough: TSABI Ltd aka The Solicitors Advocates & Barristers Inc first caught our eye as being a larger firm that still handled Legal Aid cases. This was back when they were originally called Asghar & Co Solicitors. Whilst you may think Legal Aid is something... More

Thorpe Wilson Solicitors LogoThorpe Wilson Ltd Solicitors in Rochdale: Obviously with the dozens of firms we review on this site, it's impossible for us to come up with dozens of legal matters to test them with as a consumer. But as there are always plenty of forums for clients to express their opinions, we try to help ... More

Allsop Durn Solicitors LogoAllsop Durn Solicitors in Ruislip: Sometimes when looking for new firms to add to our network we're not starting from a completely ignorant position. Whilst it would obviously be impossible for us to come up with enough legal matters to truly test every firm we review - we certainly d... More

MTA Personal Injury Solicitors LLP LogoMTA Personal Injury Solicitors LLP in Bromley, Kent - Greater London: If you've read any other review articles on our site already, you'll know there's usually a pretty good reason for us to select a firm and add it to our list of recommended legal professionals. We certainly don't operate a 'cram everyone in' t... More

Apprise Legal Services LogoApprise Legal Services - Wills, Trusts, Probate & Estate Planning in Sutton Coldfield: If you've already read a few of these review articles on our site, you'll know that we always try our best to find more varied types of firms to recommend rather than simply stuffing our directory with hundreds of firms (where the only difference bet... More

Aina Khan Law Ltd LogoAina Khan Law Ltd - Family Law Solicitors in Broxbourne, London: Typically when we review a firm we have to excuse the majority of their website's content. If you've already flicked through a dozen solicitor sites today, you've probably asked the same question - "Is the same person writing all of these?" The const... More

Taborns Legal Business LogoTaborns Legal Business - Will Taborn Ltd in London: If you've read review articles on our site before then you'll know that we usually cover quite a bit of ground including regulatory databases, third party forums, snippets from across the site, quotes from peer groups, and so on. We either try to pro... More

R James Hutcheon Solicitors LogoR James Hutcheon Solicitors - Law Firm in Liverpool: There is an unbelievably huge number of personal injury firms out there. On top of that there are hundreds of third party firms that will 'manage' your case. Worst of all are the people who don't do either and just act as if they are personal injury ... More

Penn Chambers Solicitors LogoPenn Chambers Ltd - Solicitors in London: There's no shortage of law firms around the London area. So what sort of things can you look for to distinguish which firm has the experience and expertise to handle your case best? We've been working with law firms for the past 20+ years and ... More

Frank Rogers Law Ltd LogoFrank Rogers Law Ltd - Motoring Offence Solicitor in Birkenhead: It's a common misconception that general practice firms are always less able to handle a certain case type compared to a specialist. Whilst large firms may state a huge range of legal matters covered, they may well have individual specialists within ... More

OJ Solicitors Ltd LogoOJ Solicitors Ltd English & Romanian Solicitors in Glasgow: If you've used our site before to find legal help, then you'll already be aware that we do not cram every single law firm we can find into our lists. In any given area we may only recommend 3-4 local law firms for your case type. However we do try to... More

Kudos Legal Ltd LogoKudos Legal Ltd Solicitors in Glasgow and Preston: At 1to1Legal we do our best to provide a good mix of firms for people to choose from when seeking a law firm. We include general law firms, niche practices, sole practitioners, barristers, accounting services, debt collectors and more as each ... More

Serious Law LLP LogoSerious Law LLP - Serious Injury Law Solicitors in Bolton: The last article we put out detailed a firm that had mountains of positive peer reviews, but very little client feedback available to view on the web. The one prior was about a firm that seemed to have avoided the lime-light of news articles and revi... More

5 Essex Court Logo5 Essex Court Chambers & Partners - Barristers in London: Usually when we review a firm we have to use a lot of our experience such as knowledge of the relevant agencies the firm might be registered with, tracking down alternate names, pinning down previous brands, browsing the lesser-known third party revi... More

Avery Walters Solicitors LogoAvery & Walters Ltd - Solicitors in Leeds & Harrogate: We get dozens of firms contacting us each week asking about getting on to the 1to1Legal network and being recommended to people in the UK for legal services. We're quite picky and maybe take on one or two of them. Avery Walters on the other hand was ... More

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